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  Corbin Rothwell  
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Information Background

Apparent age: Early thirties
Demeanor: Director
Position: Founder, Lotus Capital

Background: Originally from Los Angeles, Corbin had a successful career as an investment banker in Hong Kong after obtaining both business and law degrees at Stanford. He later launched his own private equity firm, Lotus Capital, specializing in speculative Asian markets such as biotech and the burgeoning entertainment sector. He recently returned to Los Angeles, where he has been taking advantage of low real estate prices and various tax credits to invest in local ventures.

Story Hooks Quotes

Socialite? Corbin was born into privilege in Los Angeles and frequented the ball and charity scene while growing up there. His father was a well-known Hollywood executive. He would likely be recognizable to anyone familiar with high society circles in greater Los Angeles.

Fashionable? Corbin is always meticulously dressed, and has most of his bespoke suits constructed on Savile Row. He always enjoys discussing sartorial matters.

Hedonistic? Years of the investment banker lifestyle, especially in the Far East, have given Corbin an extensive library of vices. There are few indulgences he hasn't tried.


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