Darren Leon

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Full Name: Darren Leon
Apparent Age: Thirties
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Sybarite
Sphere: Vampire
Clan: Lasombra
Faction: Camarilla


RP Hooks
  • Camarilla: Philosophically, Camarilla Lasombra differ little from their Sabbat compatriots on a basic level. The antitribu still fully expect to win the Jyhad; they just see the Camarilla as a more efficient and effective tool for doing so than the Sabbat is. Distaste for the rabble the Sabbat is encased in shows clearly in the attitudes of the Camarilla Lasombra, as they regard the Sabbat tactic of mass Embraces as wasteful and insulting. Indeed, even the supporters of antitribu inclusion in the Camarilla see these vampires as haughty, arrogant and impatient. Few suffer fools or incompetent underlings to live, and the penalty for failing an assignment set by a Lasombra antitribu is often death. The position occupied by these few self-exiled Kindred is an ambiguous one. On one hand, these vampires are Lasombra, the core of the dreaded Sabbat, and no Camarilla vampire is ever completely certain that the defection is genuine. On the other hand, essentially all Lasombra antitribu are creatures of undeniable power and presence, and are devoted to the destruction of the Sabbat in a way that few other Kindred are.

  • Abyss Mystic: Although the Lasombra are a pragmatic Clan, some Keepers delve into the occult mysteries of their power over shadow. They have learned that Obtenebration rises from a realm at the center of creation - a darkness known as the Abyss. Rumors are that the notorious Lasombra antitribu Lord Aludian Thex was among the first to bring this Mysticism to the Clan, but none are willing to confirm or deny such a charge. Abyss Mysticism is an important tool, but it is also a dangerous one. These mystics are ever in search of dark secrets, terrible truths, and philosophical answers, attempting to unlock the depths of the Abyss. Those who practice these mystic arts are called "The Shadowed," and their prestige among the Lasombra Clan suffers due to their studies. It is not unknown for members of the Kiasyd bloodline to practice Abyss Mysticism, although the Lasombra Clan makes every effort to keep such knowledge away from their curious "cousins."

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