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"Music is the best magic in the world."

RP Hooks
  • Dez is still very much living within his mortal lifetime. Did you know him before he was turned?
  • Who ever blew up the Praxis he’s from, worries that he might know who did it. If they happen to run across him, they would try to silence him, just in case. Also, anyone who lost a friend, Sire, Childe or mate in that explosion might want to try and wring some answers he doesn’t have out of him.

Notable Stats

Dexterity : ● ● ● ● ○
Charisma : ● ● ● ● ○
Appearance : ● ● ● ○ ○

Empathy : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Music : ● ● ● ● ○
Performance : ● ● ○ ○ ○

Fame : ● ○ ○ ○ ○

  • Enchanting Voice: - His speaking voice is average, it's when he sings that he suddenly shows massive natural talent.
  • Touch of Frost: - It's a flaw passed down his bloodline.
Full Name: Dennis Nahele Kanoa
Aliases: Dez
Embraced: 2008
Height/Weight: 6'/150lbs
Sect: Camarilla
Race: Vampire
Clan: Toreador
Status Acknowledged
Risk Level 1


His sire was Edelin Dacy (Edelin Dacy, childe of Bruno Walther, child of Lydell Rexford, etc...). An oh-so slick French poet and veteran club owner, Edelin wasted little time in bringing Dez into his circle and Dez was soon ghouled by him. He encouraged Dez to explore his music without limits and he, of course, was Edelin’s devoted audience. After four years with Edelin, he gifted Dez with the embrace making him a Toreador.


When the shit hit the fan (almost all the older vamps of the city going up in a great big green fireball where the Elysium used to be) and he found himself without a Sire or much protection or support, he decided to get out of town before he ended up a ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ casualty himself. None of Edelin’s other Childer stepped up to claim it, so he was able to cash in his Sire’s current holdings and leave town with a tidy nest egg to use in setting himself up someplace new. One of his older ‘siblings’ in another Texas court helped him obtain a letter of introduction when he found a court he wanted to move to in California.

  • Alaster Seems about as humorous as the marble he resembles.
  • Madeline She walks in admirable grace. Such a classy lady.
  • Silvana Good sense of humor, but she seems hassled by something.
  • Javier Seems a good sort, hope that means he's fair handed with his position.
  • Sentinel A tender soul with a tough exterior. Her past is so tragic.
  • Jax Apparently business keeps him hopping, but he seems a nice sort.
  • Arya Seems nice and she's Miss Maddy's family so that's good enough.
  • Phoenix Pretty, but he seems kind of sad or nervous.
  • Draven Like Nel, but haven't talked much.
  • Vassily A good sport. Nice to the ladies.

Of Interest

Dez is the leader of the club band Velvet Bump. There are three other members; Callan, Tamira and and Lon. They've gained a small following on the west coast.


Dez's Sire was Edelin Dacy (Edelin Dacy, childe of Bruno Walther, child of Lydell Rexford, etc...) an oh-so slick French poet and veteran club owner.