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Oh what I would give to sleep in your arms tonight...

Background is a work by artist Thea Alvin

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Hailee - She found me and I do not know what is real so much as adoration, to be near her.

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His home is Hailee. Where she goes, he follows.

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Dov Amsel is born and bred American, 2nd generation Israeli-American. His parents were inspired by the works of art that his grandfather brought over and at a young age, were always complemented on how wonderful the work was. Olive wood work from Jerusalem and other middle eastern areas along the western banks of the Mediterranean. Inspired by this, they began making contacts with artists there, to import the work to California and sell it. Making a very good living off this.

Inspired himself to be an artist, he took to sculpture and stone work. Initially chiseling images during his independent studies while working towards his BFA, he became inspired by the new stone sculptors. Those inspired by works by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and James Turrell. It was a combination of the found object, natural stone, and making something of the aesthetics of that stone in situ.

He rose in Los Angeles as an artist on the rise, joining the MFA program as other galleries began to take to his work as well. A heralded local/state artist on the rise. Though a few years post graduation, he's now moved south to Prospect, an unexpected move by a young artist just emerging on the national scene.

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Player's Prefs
Things I like in RP:


  • I prefer a few sentences; 5-6 on average, but do go up to a full paragraph or two when I'm inspired. I prefer including something with atmosphere. Its the only way I know what's really going on in a text based environment. I will alter my length to accommodate others, but I can only take so many one liners (literally).
  • Respond to the poses; react, interact. I'll not only acknowledge through some reaction that my char is aware of your posing, but try to interact as well. Please try the same, makes it more collaborative; and I'm here for collaboration; I can't do solo, no interest in writing a book. If I'm getting nothing, I'll have nothing to give and move on to greener pastures. If you're giving me just an acknowledgement of what I posed, by nearly repeating what I've done, without furthering the scene somehow, same thing, moving along.


  • Sure a big scene gets out of hand, 3pr is usually good; just ask though if folks are okay to switch. More as a courtesy, folks will either nod an okay, or move along cause big scenes aren't for them, but let others know, please don't presume.
  • Small scene, try to wait for pose order. It just looks like someone is impatient if they keep jumping order with a sentence or two of pose.
  • If you come into a room and players are in that room ... wait. Literally, wait, see what's going on, don't try to insist on your own propaganda. Waiting to see what's going on goes a long way; not changing my sunlight that matches +time for a vamp that didn't wait to see what time of day it was, not accommodating a character that tries to high five me walking into a room when I'm in a dark alcove plotting and out of site mostly. Please, wait and see what's going on.

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Race: Ghoul
Full Name: Dov Amsel
Date of Birth: November 12th, 1986
Heritage: American (Israeli-American)
Occupation: Sculptor
Apparent Age: Mid to late 20s
Height 6'3"

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RP Hooks
  • Toreador - Certainly if you are there is a chance to meet this ghoul. At a function, at a court, at a meeting, outside while they meet. Plenty of opportunity here.
  • Artist - He is a sculpture, with recognition throughout California and he has just started receiving national attention in the art world for his work. Following the likes of Turrell and Goldsworthy, he uses natural stone to make in situ pieces of art.
  • Metal and Cars - A hobby, his preferred material is stone. He knows a bit about metallurgy and cars, enjoys working on older cars. May have a few of his own. Not a racer by any means.

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RP Plots

Will get RP plots/hooks here.

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Ours; with this comes great responsibility, we're in this together:


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The pet project he's finishing up:


A little gift, always worn:


Rare Detroit City Rocks:


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