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Don't Call me an English Flower
Full Name: Eilonwy Fairweather
Birthdate: November 14th, 1995
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Hometown: Cardiff
Occupation: Embassy Employee
Demeanor: Optimist

Tradition: Verbena
Faction: Traditions
Cabal: House of Many Doors
Here's the thing.
  • Wales. Eilonwy is Welsh. Her family still resides there, however she's in an exchange program in America for college.

  • UC Prospect. American school was a big adventure for Eilonwy. She's embracing American culture and got her first tattoo here!

  • Odd Bird Out. Due to "poor health" she was kept home from school often and has a reputation back home for being a little peculiar.

  • Magic! On the list of new and exciting things that have happened, Eilonwy is recently discovering magic.

  • Green Thumb She has the Green Thumb merit/flaw! Plants grow in her wake and flower's follow her like the sun. Her skin is also pleasantly warm to the touch, like a summer day!



June Hymn-The Decemberists

Here's a hymn to welcome in the day
Heralding in summer's early sway
And all the branches burst to bloom, in the gloom
Heaven sent this cardinal maroon to decorate our living room

Wear your love like Heaven- Donovan

Color in sky, prussian blue
Scarlet fleece changes hue
Crimson ball sinks from view
Wear your love like heaven
Lord kiss me once more
Fill me with song
Allah kiss me once more
That I may, that I may

Walk This World With Me-Heather Nova

And I'm sucked in by the wonder and I'm fucked up by the lies
And I dig a hole to lie in and I build some wings to fly
And I think that I could love you 'cause you know how to be free
I want you to come walk this world with me
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
Holding on and on to what we believe
I'm not touched but I'm aching to be
I want you to come walk this world with me


I want you to stay
Nick - The first great love of my life!
Eloise - Maybe I'm meant to be Verbena like you!
Steele - It's nice to have friends my age going through the same things.

Coming and Going
Alyosha - Gone so quickly but the hole didn't stay long.
Cynthia - Chaos in a purple suit, but really nice.
Bronwyn - Will the Myrtle thing stick? Keep the ivy a secret?
Artegal - My faerie knight and tie to the homeland! What must you see in me?
Skye - Such a confusing friendship!
Otto - What a shame you can't dance.
Rose - Such a beautiful artist, she and Reed are such warm friends.

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