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Elena Vulpes
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Information Snapshots
Date of Birth:: November 3, 1999
Age:: 20
Height/Weight:: 5'9" / 130-ish lbs
Hair Color:: Dark Brown
Race:: Mortal+
Subrace:: Ghoul
Clan:: Old Clan Tzimisce
Faction:: Camarilla
Nature:: Perfectionist
Domitor:: Oleksiy Druzyna
Risk Level:: 2
Flaws:: Potent Blood, Allergy, Compulsion, Phobia
Merits:: Eidetic Memory, Danger Sense, Acute Vision, Acute Hearing
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Contacts Hooks
Oleksiy - How may I assist you, my Lord?
Katharina - How may I assist you, my Lady?
Calevaro - One of my first and most precious friends.
Kadin - What a nice guy, he's very comfortable to talk to.
Mikael - A beautiful, patient, kind man. Thank you for guiding me.
Wade - You're blunt and I don't mind. Your lessons can be a bit rough, but I think worth it in the end.
Paige - I like you despite the fact you keep trying to scare the crap out of me!

* University - Elena is a foreign exchange student from Romania. She is here to finish her Business Degree with a minor in languages. She is fluent in multiple languages.

* Ghoul - Elena is a professional ghoul, she takes her job quite seriously and is studious about ensuring all is prepared and well-taken care of.

* Potent Blood - Her blood smells delicious to those who drink it.

* Active Lifestyle - She's a very active girl, often at the gym working out, or checking out books at the library, or even at the range practicing with her firearms. Yes, one of her hobbies is target shooting! She's also not amiss to going out to a club to have some fun, but only if her schedule allows it!

* Occult - Due to her heritage, she is no stranger to the occult.

RP Logs