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Elmwood Hartlen

RP Hooks

On The Road Again...

He's a rubbertramp. No, that isn't a kink thing. It means he's a vagabond, travelling the world in a car, camping on the side of the road and such. There are various terms for different types of nomads in the subculture, depending on how they travel. He actually moves about the country in a small caravan of RVs and cars with other rubbertramps, and they all seem pretty loyal to him.

He's one of those dirty, thin-blooded Caitiff. You know the kind, right? The ones who are appearing more and more frequently and in alarming numbers? Unlike many of his kind, though, he isn't railing against the Ivory Tower. After a decade or so on his own, he's actually seeking admittance.

In all technicality, Elmwood is a Pander. He was changed during a Sabbat Mass Embrace in Gary, Indiana during a failed seige on the town, and he managed to escape during the chaos. He spent years on his own, being hunted by the pack who changed him. He's tired of being alone, though.

  • Enemy
  • Probationary Sect Member