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Information Snapshots
Akashayana Sangha

Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic/Slender
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Demeanour: Visionary


Dynamic Resonance (Joyful) ●
Pure Breed (Silver Fang Kin) ● ● ● ● ●
Primal Marks (Trouble) ● ●


Hooks Quotes
  • Bad Reputation - A woman that looks suspiciously like Eveniency, with the name of "Eternitarian Jones", was convicted for torching a cop car, with a string of misdemeanours to go along with it. It was further north, though. And she's done her time. Just, she got time off for good behaviour and such. Really. Promise. Still, for whatever reasons, she tends to look like she has a chip on her shoulder and she's ready to break something. Eviction from clubs and other places based on "gut feelings" are regular occurences.

  • Hundred Percent Reason to Remember the Name - Eveniency's avatar is the Handsome Monkey King, who's always encouraging her to push buttons she shouldn't, or just get someone to hold her beer while she goes "watch this" and does something stupid. Freerunning's a current passion, but hey, anything extreme enough will draw the girl's interest.

  • Work A Miracle - Ev's a mage. Li Hai of the Akashayana Sangha, or the Akashic Brotherhood, if you will. She knows Kung Fu too. Well. Do, but it's similar.

  • Can I Be Undone? - Evie's been around the block a few times - died in quite a few revolutions, in previous incarnations - if those dreadful waking nightmares are to be believed. Still, she's not afraid to take up the good fight. Sometimes the wandering hero is the person that's willing to, to quote a certain artist "come to burn your kingdom down".


RP Logs

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