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  • Disclaimer: You can ignore this if you want. It's a self-contained PRP.

Return of the Philosopher King

Event Details
Spheres All
Sponsor Aeric Foard
Location Second Tallest Building in Prospect
Time Next Scene Is: Sunday Nov 10th 10:00 PM EST (-5)
Status Recruitment and Scheduling, Intro
General Details
Summary Something isn't right in prospect as everything is thrown off balance by the impending return of the Philosopher King


Everything is off balance in Prospect. Nodes are sputtering wildly, Vampires can feel the chill of an Alpha Predator, Wolves know that prospect is about to get hit with something. All you know is all your shit is off center and it all points towards the second tallest building in prospect.

Rp Hooks
  • All Kinds of RP (Social, Mental and Combat)
  • Philosopher King RP
  • Apocalypse Now RP
  • Knowledge Monger RP
Something is returning, but what could be so powerful as to disrupt the essence of an entire city?


  • Everything is messed up and the source is the roof of the second tallest building in prospect


This is where ongoing details will be posted as the event unfolds and where people can keep up with what is happening in a particular scene.

  • During the intro, the being that exited that tear in spacetime was none other than The God King Gilgamesh, Ruler of Uruk, Conquerer of All.