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“The question is not whether or not I am evil. Rather you should be questioning whether or not God is truly good."


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Luciferan.png "Stay the course, brothers and sisters! With the Creator and Host absent, how can we fail now?"
Faustian.png "Not one of you has the Morningstar's vision. That is no fault of yours, of course, but you also lack the vision to realize your deficiency."
Cryptic.png "I can understand uncertainty. I can't respect it, but I can understand it."
Reconciler.png "You who had the courage to stand for what you believed in against nearly impossible odds... you wish to apologize? Such "brethren" are almost the most pathetic Elohim I have ever known."
Ravener.png "There was a reason I said almost."
Mortal.png "Someday I shall embrace you and call you first among equals, but you shall EARN this honor."
  • Jenny - It's easier to have a meaningful conversation with my Siri, but no supercomputer on earth is as capable of profound calculations. Now if I could only get you to return to the fold...
  • Kato - Most unfortunate. Still, she offers hope.
  • Silvana - She does a remarkable job at appearing as though she is not dangerous. This, above all else, makes me cautious.
  • Cross - He will likely die before mankind is deserving of exaltation. Still, he is at least a shining example of the next step they need to take on that long road.
  • Michelle - So many sacrifices made. I will make them worth it.
  • Gwydion - I have my reservations, of course, but perhaps he's what I've been looking for this whole time? Probably some rough edges to smooth off, though.
  • Caim - I never sought to prove my authority with blood, but you left me little choice.
  • Wyatt - I do not emulate the Christ I pretend to venerate. Perhaps that is why you are surprised that I do not simply turn the other cheek?
  • Clara - She stands between two worlds. Will she bridge the gap? Or tumble in to the chasm below?
  • Aleksei - You have the temperament of a storm, but at least you are a worthy ally with sensible judgement on most matters. Now, about Lucifer's vision...
  • Erzsebet - The hardest fight is to stop fighting. Earn your peace, or else I fear you shall earn my wrath.
  • Nikodin - It took them longer than I thought it would. And I thought they would send someone competent. I would be disappointed, but frankly? I'm going to have fun with this.
  • Stevie - I will be prying her skull open soon enough. Sadly, I suspect I shall be sorely disappointed.

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RP Hooks
  • Demon - Vorael takes great interest in getting reacquainted with his brethren and he's the leader of the local Court. That and there's a book, Guiding Light, that's been released by a Christian publishing company that just happens to have the glyph for the Namaru on it... so anyone with Lore Demon 3 can probably assume he's at least involved with the Fallen SOMEHOW.

  • Religion - Have a spiritual position? Foster loves debates! Looking for answers? He'll bring you to the Lord! Have more money than you know what to do with? He's a televangelist! He'll find a place for it! Amen.

  • General - Foster can be enticed to have a conversation on most any topic, as long as he finds it interesting and doesn't find his conversational partner too frustrating.

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I am always page-ok, and if you want a scene? Ask! I'll more than likely accommodate you.

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Race: Demon
Full Name: Pastor John Foster
Title: Glory of the Blazing Dawn, Punisher of the Wayward, Lord Captain of the Crimson Legion
Apparent Age: Mid 30's
Height: 6' 1"
Occupation: Pastor/Televangelist
Demeanor: Visionary
Angelic Name: Vorael
House: Namaru/Devil
Faction: Luciferan

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Notable Stats

Eminence : Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.png

Angelic Gaze

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The Others
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Vampire.png "So the First Murderer had a brood, did he? Troubling."
Mage.png "They may be our greatest hope. Or they may be the Nephilim born again."
Bygone.png "Was this one of ours? Like landmines in Vietnam, I imagine we left behind many weapons..."