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Haraar The Devourer of Seline's Womb

Gerald White

He turned away from the woman who had given him birth, and crying out to the sky cause he was lonely and scared, but only the devil responded cause mom wasn't there. And right then he knew what it was like to be lonely and cold and so he jumped off the roof and floated down with no soul.

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MORTALS Too easy. Give a nigga a gun and some crack. He think he God and shit!

GAIANS Keep suckin moms titty while I flush yo bitch ass!

VAMPIRES Damned you say? Nigga please! Let me show you the real deal!

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Abagael Likes it rough and nasty. A Plus bitch!

Mugsy Any dude who ask a bitch if she can sing star spangled banner at that moment is ok in my book.

Bayne This dude pretty chill in a quiet, I eat your face off if shit go South kinda way. My kinda dude!

Shannon Bitch be throwin crack at bums and watching them kill theyselves. LOL. I like her.

Katriana Behind door number one is a hot bitch. Door number two is a man eating tiger. Which would I choose? Nigga it don't matter cause G will smash both! D-licious! Go on git down bitch, go on git down! (The Spiral dat is. Mission Success!)

Apone Looks like this dude wanna partner up with F street. We see how it go.

Van the Man Boom!!! In yo face Nigga! (And also up in the booty-hole!)

Sinthia Ain't no fun if the homies can't have none! Load catcher of the Wyrm who likes choo choos even over a foul smelling sewer grate next to a dumpster. Bitch is nasty! I wonder if she had something before the infestation of the bane. Whatever it was is gone now. Who said being evil dont have perks?

Dixie She seemed so trustworthy? WTF just happened? Told me to give a bitch all my weed and treat her nice......and I did? (See next entry)

Kumiko What the hell Nigga? Luther Vandross? The Supremes? Mof*ckin' Sizzler? I need to lay off the Chronic for real!

Misa If only more bitches had friends like you to let them walk away with strange niggaz. Appreciate you bitch!

Nerezza Whoopedeedoo bitch! You got a husband. Well he ain't invited. She seem to have brains about everything else doh.

Lane Oh you like charity? Don't worry mama. Today I am feeling generous! Damn youza sexy bitch!

Christina Hey Crazy Cat Bitch! Here go an idea. I be your cat you be my bitch! The teacher is in and the nightmare is coming.

Ronni Honkey ass bitch! Tear that shit up though. Thats some good wonderbread!

Kraa Nigga that shit hurt! For real doh!

Zoe Oh yeah! Biting pieces of a mofucka out during sex is awesome. She be drawin blood and dude be liking it. White people got no sense.

Itzal Here go the dude let Zoe bite him. Yeah thats as sexy as a cat box ain't been changed fo a year!

Deil Bitch ass Cajun. Look at me I get my sissy ass ripped open and escape on a magic horse. Next time I bring the dogs and turn your stupid pony into Alpo Nigga! Your heart will be a sacrifice to Khree.

Alisandra & Jennifer Braniac nerd bitches. Just talk with your mouth full. I ain't tryin to hear that shit!

Basilisk Talkin' all that smack? Bitch go make me a sammich!

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RP Hooks

If you get squeamish about revolting themes, run the other way. Let me know straight up if there are things you won't or can't deal with so everyone can have fun.

THEMES: Wyrm, Gang Violence, Murder, Rape, Human Trafficking, Demon Worship, Human Sacrifice, Torture, Mutilation, Fear, Sadism.

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R.I.P. November 10th, 2014

Gerald convulses as Veloks magic takes hold. He begins to speak. This final prayer rumbles from his lips with effort as he prepares for the end. "I am Haraar the Devourer of Selines Womb." Blood leaks from his eyes. "It was I who sent thousands of young souls to addiction, to murder, to suicide, sacrifices to you great Khree. I Gerald," he coughs up blood. "I Gerald White, leader of the F Street Crips who were destined to feed the dark of the father with their hopelessness and fear. I fed them. "Cuts open up on his chest, his limbs, his back. "Remember me in the dark after this world, that I may serve you still as an incarna of your power. I," he screams as the cute open wider but he shouts out the last of his prayer to the merciless moon above! "I who drove the lost khan Katriana to devour her own children and dance the spiral, I Haraar! And with my last breath I curse you Seline! I am not the first or the...." But he is no more as his flesh and bone is consumed by the awful spell, the pile of gore still suspended in mid-air by Penny's magic.

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Tribe: Bagheera

Jamak: Bat

Faction: Wyrm

Position: Leader of the F St Crips

Turf: Walgreens Parking Lot


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Dance With the Devil -Immortal Technique-

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Da Hood



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