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"Behold the monster with the pointed tail,
Who cleaves the hills, and breaketh walls and weapons,
Behold him who infecteth all the world."

- Dante, Inferno

The Giovanni are respectful, genteel and well-mannered. Affluent beyond imagination, Clan Giovanni traces its roots back to before the Renaissance, to a family of merchant princes. The clan still maintains its original home in Venice, in a thousand-year-old loggia just outside the heart of the city. No other clan makes such a spectacle of humility and propriety as does the Giovanni. And no other clan hides its blasphemous secrets so well.


Positioned Kindred


Much like the modern mafia the Giovanni is a criminal organization unto themselves. The clan deals in almost every facet of crime, local, national even international. The Giovanni loyalty is to their family first, going against the family is punishable by death, and given their ability, with necromancy, even death is not an escape. Each city has a family head, a Don/Donna who directs the operations of the family. Under them is the Cappo who usually handles the diplomatic side of things dealing with the Tower. All matters of behavior of family members is dealt with in family, all Giovanni honor the Promise the peace agreement with the Camarilla.

Current Plots




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Active Giovanni

Hailing from beautiful Italy, the Giovanni were merchants long before they were Necromancers. Now the Clan has members around the globe, working as go-betweens and independent contractors for many other Vampires. Due the Agreement, a contract of non-aggression forged with the Camarilla centuries ago, the Clan has managed to keep itself safe from many Sect wars.

Some whisper of their horrid traffic with the dead, while others gossip about twisted incest within the family. Nobody can deny their wealth, or their influence in the world, nor their skill at getting things done. While they were once heavily affiliated with the Mafia, they have pulled almost all support from it in past decades, due to it becoming far too open and known. They still deal with the underworld (Both with a lowercase and capital U), though they tend to be more subtle about it these days.

Always there with a smile and a deal to be made, the Giovanni are both respected and feared by any Vampire with the wits to know what is best for them.


The Crossroads bar -- Fully owned and operated by the clan.
The Ranger Station Truck stop -- In partnership with Calamity.
Stillwater Farm Mobile homes -- In partnership with Slayton.
The Mansion at Belvedere and First -- Family housing.


General Impressions

Brujah The Brujah: So much noise, and yet so little signal.
Gangrel The Gangrel: Ultimately forgettable; we rarely cross paths.
Malkavian The Malkavians: The insight they offer is rarely worth the excruciating company they provide; I wonder if the "madness" is a simple sham to reduce their foes' defenses.
Nosferatu The Nosferatu: This blighted clan has proved dangerously adept at uncovering secrets. Make no enemies among them, lest you become the subject of their attentions.
Toreador The Toreador: Effete and indolent, the Toreador nonetheless wield appreciable assets.
Tremere The Tremere: Slippery as eels, the Tremere are guilty of the same crime as we, yet they mire themselves in the same politics that damn them.
Ventrue The Ventrue: They spend too much time cultivating their image as martyrs to get involved with something that truly matters; they lack direction.
Caitiff The Caitiff: Inconsequential and poorly bred; they are more mosquito than vampire.
The List

Those in Favor

Giovanni are known to keep lists of favors owed, debts collected and the names of those who that have earned their favor. Should a name appear on this list the person should be treated with respect and afforded all courtesies of the clan.

Those out of Favor

Just like politics, someone can fall into and out of the favor of the Giovanni in a single evening. A misspoken word here, a false gesture there and the clan will turn on them and bring down seven kinds of hell upon any who would shelter them. Should a name appear on this list the person should be treated with the utmost contempt and attacked at any time. Their suffering shall be our hobby.

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Playing a Giovanni
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