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Hannah Coventry

Age: 18?
Profession: Prodigy
Demeanor: Child
Type: Vampire
Clan: Tremere
Merits: Powerful Stare

Discipline Prodigy

Inoffensive to Animals

Flaws: Impatient

Persistent Parents

Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Natural blonde roots, the lengths dyed a different fantasy color day to day
Soundtrack: SNOWCONE - REI AMI

damn Right - Audrey NUNA

Hkissy.jpg Hheart.jpg HBook.jpg Hangels.jpg HDog2.jpg


Roleplay Hooks

Occult! - She studies it, and is always looking to learn more.

University! - She frequents a lot of the parties on campus and takes a few night classes.

Night Life! - She is a young vampire who enjoys clubs, parties, etc.

Spirit Stuff! - She has the ability to see and speak to spirits.

Science & Tech! - She likes these things!

Museum! - She manages the SCIENCE! Museum, which is both a museum and an outdoor venue.


Amos I'm glad we're friends. ()
Blair The other half of B3. Let's do some shit!
Brook Right on, sis! I see great things for B3!
Caspar A magician of the highest calibre. ()
Colombe A fucking class act. You come for her, you come for me. BFF 4 Unlife. ()
Ed Thanks for having my back. Love you, sis.
Elliot Charming, well-tempered and downright polite. Are we sure he's Brujah?
Evita I like you. Let's run this shit.
Flavien Haters gonna hate. You know I love you. ()
Floyd Both life and death have been unkind to you. I want to fix that. ()
Guivre Thanks for the Thneed! A thing that I need.
Lady Cowl A most fascinating peer. Thanks for your help!!
Lila What have I even done to you? I don't get it.
Martha I might let you down sometimes, but I promise I'll do better.
Nino Tony Soprano but scarier. Thanks for the presents, I hope I'll never need them. ()
Paige I may have misjudged you. Friends? ()
Torgue You...are strange. But kind. Please let me take you shopping.
Vegard An innovative leader full of surprises. Metal as shi*.
Wade How can someone be so burned out and so fired up at the same time?

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Damien Back up north to San Francisco. I'll be visiting you soon.
Dariush A first for many things. Gone, but never forgotten. ()
Grayling A kindred spirit. I miss you already.