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An average guy with an average black cat that finds himself surrounded by awesome.

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Vampires: Civil and sophisticated, savage untamed beauty, and a tasty hunger. I could not straddle the fence, and hope I fell on the right side.

Mages: Some seem aloof,some skittish, and some just plain awesome. What do you know, they're people too!

Fae: chaos and confusion and a wild ride.

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Agate: The other gemstone girl, met again after a long, bumpy road.

Carver: Thrown in a meat grinder, come out swinging. The holes on the outside aren't half as scary as the ones on the inside.

Valentin: If I hear he's throwing another party, I am so crashing it. I hope he doesn't rip my throat out. Be worth it though.

Malka: Yet another woman that loves my cat. Just that this one has decided that I'm an unpleasant cost of spending time with him..

Harikumo: Likes my art projects? Sweet..

Bjorn: Lill introduced me to this mountain of a man. Seems like a good friend to have if I need to ditch the city for a bit.

Thana: Party time! Excellent!

Kassondra: Wish you had managed to get a grip on Abe, not looking forward to the next meeting.

Silvana: Girl with a game plan.

Vegard: Extremely awesome.

Arya: I won't fail you.

Asheton: Nice legs, great for dancing.

Amelie: Up and coming, singing the song, the next night starting, the last one gone. I'll do my best to provide a bit of harmony.

Hayden: Is it really better to have loved and lost?

James (Hamish): Let me get you a menu...

Mikael: Bestie! Hey old man, play a song for me.

Phoenix: Brooding intensity, found his chill pill.

Madeline: Dance Magic!

Azrael: Cajun Cowboy?

Arianna: Fast Car's, faster pen

Shiori: Stomp the hall!

Alejandro (Apone): Not interested.

Aubrey: Interesting family.

Vera: Danger Will Robinson!

Tabitha: First of the First responders.


Amethyst: Helpful, resilient, and marvelous. I think she's trying to steal my cat.

Anezka: ohhhh... crap.

Dantes: The box is too small

Tavia: The wild ride has begun, hope you survive it.

Lill: Sweet thing, skittish, bouncy, nice tail

Moneta: Bigger house, bigger house party! Bigger ass kicker.

Vivianne: Angel of Mercy. Saved my life, I'll always owe her.

Rowen: Interactive dinner theater? Maybe some other lifetime.

Wichal: Loosen up!


Abe: Patty's protector and 'boss', a hot mess, and my old boss.

Patty: Never did model that mask for me...

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RP Hooks
Surrounded by Awesome: He seems to have few problems talking to dangerous and strange people.

Snarky Sidekick: His cat can talk... when it wants to... to who it wants to. And seems terrified of exploring the 'why'. He's found a new home with his best bud, but still shows himself now and again.

Was a Ghoul: With Vitae fueled passions and hungers...

Psychic Vampire: ... and speaking of hungers. Your emotions might have been a tasty treat, but your blood is probably sweeter now.

Was on Probation: A rocky start in the world of the Undead had a few side eyes thrown this way. Still having to work hard at finding his way.

Chronic Insomniac: He doesn't wander as much, but now he's finding new places to wander.

Puppy Dog Eyes: Everyone wants to rescue him...

I Know a Guy... : He's been around, maybe he can hook you up or point you in the right direction.

Doc in the house: Competent enough medic for everyday cuts, scrapes, stabbings, and bullet wounds; just don't report him to the AMA.

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