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In the event that the MUSH goes down <Or just because> my skype name is hmevans6776. Send me a request, tell me who you are and I'll add you. This is a good way to keep up on any outages, because I'm usually the first one to panic and shake WC around and scream in his ear about how my life is over and I NEEDS THE MUSH!


The sweetest, most awesome staffer EVAR! We honeybadgers get a BAD rap, yo. It ain't fair. I'm NICE. Yes, I like to terrify the guests, but at least I make sure Marion gets her bath every day, even if he doesn't appreciate it. And so what if I get a rather overwhelming joy at laughing at apps on the staff channel? I don't SAY it, now do I? That's pretty nice of me. At least, I think so. And the Oilers suck. Sorry, Cameron. I don't even like... soccer or tennis or whatever the hell it is, but even *I* know that the Oilers suck.

What I meant to say was, that the Edmonton Oilers are the absolute greatest hockey team the world has ever known. That, in 2015, there will no doubt be a return of the Stanley Cup to the home Wayne Gretzky built. That the entirety of the earth shall know that there is only one, true, epic, and legendary hockey team, and that, of course, is the Edmonton Oilers.

Do allow me to apologize. The anonymous person who most certainly was not Cameron who edited my page will have his wiki privileges removed if he touches my page again. I adore you, Cameron. But I WILL break your face. :)

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Honey T. Badger

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I do +xp requests and wiki stuff and I answer general questions and I'm pretty good with mage and sorcerer. Vamps, not so much. Fae, um.. no. Demon I do pretty well on. Garou, I'm pretty good. Oh! I do renown requests, too, so there's that. Anyway, yeah. I'm always around. Page me if you need something. Even if I don't have the answer, I can probably point you in the right direction, or at least give you a good parting snark and threaten to ban you.

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My theme song, yo!
People think we're all RAWR and shit
But look how fucking cute I was!
I'm pretty chill.
I like to dance an' shit
Proof I'm a cheater
Much better and probably more accurate version

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