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"Life and Death are merely two parts of a dream. I am wide awake."


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Giovanni: Incestuous family of Necromancers bent on the subjugation of all things....Oh wait that's me.

Camarilla: They style themselves as tragic, finding mortals to listen to their regretful tales and gain affection. Humanity is for the weak who cannot accept their vampiric nature.

Sabbat: Beasts and savages. They revel in their monstrous nature but have no concept of how to give it purpose. They make ready for a fight they cannot win in this realm.

Wraiths: Their failure to survive in the skinlands has made them susceptible to my power.

Mages: As unpredictable as we, but theirs is a living magick. Not all of my family are vampires.

Garou They hate us, and make alliances only when the end goal is our destruction.

Kuei Jin They want something. We need to find out what it is.

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Sand: My beautiful Sand. She is as rare a gem as any ever known. They say it is better to have loved and lost.

Garan: His arrogance was his downfall. My only regret is that it wasn't me who destroyed him.

Carl: Men such as he are easy to understand. They need only fear or respect to sustain them. He has become a strong and loyal friend.

Basilisk: If ignorance is bliss, you my dear are a riot!

Arec: Not sure what to make of him. His being in touch with his feminine side also makes him an occaisional bitch.

Druitt: His connection to a dead woman has dulled his business sense. Perhaps he'll get over it. Im only in business for profit.

Mirela: Delicious chocolate skin covering a shark. Intriguing combination.

Lucianna My dear sister. Fraternal twins, we were inseperable since before conception. Ours is an eternal bond.

Pietro Cousin Pietro is an adept scholar and practitioner of the black arts. He brings with him a vast library of knowledge, and the shades of his dead parents.

Marcus I would like to get to know this man better. Unfortunately his position as an information merchant limits one's trust.

Shannon What are you running from little devil? She thinks to show me who is worst. It is not a contest.

Chastity: Step into my nightmare little Mistress of Pain. Its warm and wet down here.

Deirdre The illegitimate child of now dead Antanneus Giovanni. Her search for her real father led her home.

Vico A proud member of the Giovanni of Las Vegas. He comes to Prospect to serve as Capo. Our family is stronger for his presence.

Alice She doesn't see her scars as beautiful. Some men find them exciting. Some wish they could inflict more upon her. An excellent addition to my club.

Draven Its nice to know that if someone means to do me harm, they will be ripped apart and eaten. Well worth the cost.

Father Cross Civility is the key to pointing this maniac's wrath elsewhere. It seems the Camarilla of Prospect have forgotten the reason they were formed in the first place...to hide from the fires of The Inquisition.

Madigan The mysterious M. Such a humanitarian! He is quickly becoming indispensable.

Arguile It is difficult for tyrants to serve, but he tries admirably.

Kaylin These are not the souls your looking for. We will take yours in the end.

Cherazart Such innocence only begs to be defiled. The mere mention of suffering in art was a shock to her delicate senses.

Vicky Looking for attention. Mine is not to be desired. Can you feel the darkness awakening?

Constance Sister Sroasha. What is forbidden is also desired.

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RP Hooks
This is supposed to be a World of Darkness. I will play anything, but prefer violence, corruption, evil, and other unsavory venues. Sex is part of being a vampire and will inevitably be part of my story as well. I am a Horror Writer in my spare time so you can expect that I will be doing things on this game that don't exactly make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am not looking for the 57th installment of the Twilight Saga. Vampires are thinking, feeling, creatures with goals and ambitions but they are not always dedicated to righteousness. I would argue that all are evil to some extent.

I generally find the Risk System deplorable. Try not to antagonize if you are a Risk Level 0 character as this is very poor form.

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FULLNAME: Doctor Ignacio Giovanni

CLAN Giovanni


POSITION: Don Giovanni di Prospect.


Ignacio served for many years as ghoul to his sire, Claire Giovanni of River City, California. His skill as a surgeon is invaluable among the wealthy and those who wish their injuries to remain anonymous. River City was a failed experiment in an Independent Princedom, free of Camarilla and Sabbat Influence. Ignacio's sire, unlike other Giovanni was not cursed with a painful bite. More like their Cappadocian predecessors, Claire was afflicted with a deathly pallor which made her not quite trusted in the family. She was tolerated, however because of her power. She asked permission to embrace Ignacio and it was granted. However, the rest of the clan made sure that Claire was targetted by the Sabbat who raised River City and destroyed its power structure. Ignacio defeated Claire's killer by shoving him into a crematory chamber, but it was not in time to save his sire. Thinking quickly, he used IV lines and pumps from his operating room to effectively embrace himself. The Giovanni begrudgingly have accepted the lie that he was embraced prior to Claire's death. Ignacio came to Prospect to start anew, not trusting that his clanmates have his best interest at heart. Since then he has carved a Giovanni domain in Purgatory and built the most nefarious nightclub in town, Teatro Di Sofferenza.

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MERITS: Sanguine Incongruity

FLAWS: Inbred, Deranged, Touch of Frost.


SEPULCHRE PATH Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png

BONE PATH Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png

ASH PATH Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png

WILLPOWER Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png

OCCULT Fbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.pngFbdot.png

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AMELIA CARVER (Spirit Slave)


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