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Elijah "Ilias" Hemingway is a shrewd and cunning businessman, and global financier. He is connected to a World Bank conglomerate which operates in 32 countries and 4 different financial markets. This wealthy old Vampire has been alive and operating for roughly the last four centuries in some capacity or another.

He was embraced by Esmeralda of Cairo, who was then the Duchess of Edmington and presented to the eldest of his bloodline - Mithras, the Living God and King of London. He first served as Ventrue whip during the 18th century to Prince Edward Williams of Clan Toreador. Become noteworthy as an influential Elder during his participation of the 37th Conclave in Vienna. He accepted a position as Ventrue Primogen in Seattle, under Prince Anson of Toreador. He last claimed Praxis in South Korea in 1951. He was believed to have suffered Final Death in 1980, but has recently resurfaced.

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RP Hooks
  • Camarilla - Lord Ilias Hemingway is the Ventrue Primogen, as those easily approachable by Camarilla Officers, and those of Clan Ventrue. It is possible to gain audience with him otherwise, though it may be a bit more tricky. Perhaps arranging a meeting through the Keeper of Elysium would be the best way to gain his attention.

  • Finance - Ilias is connected to a World Bank conglomerate, which is responsible for loaning money to, funding, and purchasing countries globally. Particularly, countries that find themselves in conflicts and desperate for capital. He is working on opening a local branch office here in Prospect.

  • Ghouls - Ilias is always looking for worthy retainers to train and develop to further his expansion goals and in building up his power-base. Particularly those interested in the influence game should contact me.

  • Vaulting - Ilias provides a very peculiar service to Kindred society, and has for decades. He stores, maintains, and restores kindred who have fallen willingly or unwillingly into Torpor. When they arise, he actively assists in un-antiquating them into modern times - and helps to re-establish them in the modern world. Naturally this service is not free. Players wishing to 'wake-up' out of an extended Torpor, are welcome to have utilized this service either willingly or not as an RP tie-in.

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Elijah "Ilias" Hemingway

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Full Name: Lord Elijah "Ilias" Hemingway
Apparent Age: Early 40's
Height: 5'10" ft.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Influential Financier
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue
Position: Primogen
Affiliation: TBD
Home Base: The Directors

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