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Javier Vega

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Silvana - All real relationships have their peaks and valleys. Always remember you are not only the great and most important love of my life, but are also the legacy I leave to Prospect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V60Uve3TM_A

Madeline - Took you long enough to dump that loser. What did you ever see in him?

Varges - You loser, we were never friends. You were jealous I was named Sheriff over you in turn you tried to steal my position and steal my woman. Karma is a bitch, know that all the pain and suffering you are and going through right now... you earned all of it.

Alaster - We never saw eye to eye but for what you did to Varges, I thank you.

Mirela - How could you forgive that loser so soon after what he did to you? I gave you a choice, strive to be strong or strive to be weaker. You seem happy with weakness.

Jax - I had your back, it is clear to me now you never had mine.

Nicolette - Back stabbing slut, you are supposed to honor your boon, not bite the hand that fed you.

Garan - I am not sure what you did, I am also not sure what to do about it.

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Name: Javier Vega

Date of Birth: September 10th

Positions: Ex-Sheriff, Primogen

Place of Birth: Spain

Apparent Age: 25

Clan: Brujah

Faction: Camarilla

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