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Quote: Kaiju is Angry!
  • Gaian: Part of the Enduring Spirit Sept and The Misfits Pack, this Mokole spends most of her time in the waters around The Island and various paths to forest Caern. She tends to a calm, happy, friendly demeanor, unless nature(particularly the ocean), or kinfolk are being threatened. Protector, healer, spiritualist, she is basically a 4 tun, 30' long armored Theurge-asour, who has a serious anti-Weaver bend.
  • Eco Activist: She participates in cleanups regularly. Criminal she is suspected in numerous aggravated assaults over sea dumping and destruction of equipment related to industrial fishing such as cutting trawl nets and sabotaging ships.
  • Wilderness: Most often found by water, she has a love for surfing and swimming, also enjoying backpacking and camping. Oddly not rock climbing!

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My Pack!:

BryanO: The Alpha: Some can create respect rather than demand it.

George: The Beta: Friendship over sand castles.

Katie: Unmet but suspected bff material.

Of Gaia:

Halle: Really nice, seems interesting and OMG hot!

Chance: Alien, prey, good natured ambassador of the Devisor.

Devlin: Eager to learn Bruce Wayne. Good guy.

Sharon Certus: Sweet, friendly, innocent, intelligent, great friend material.

Cynthia: Were Bunny! A new friend dispite being a food thief!

Trekome: Awww you needlessly ritually murdered someone for me, because I asked you to..

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Stream Mokole-mbembe
Aspect Setting Sun 'Warden'
Rite Name Kaiju
Pack The Misfits
Full Name: Jennie Hanniver
Birth: 10/3/93, Brazil
Home The Island

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