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Josette Mimose Jean-lys
The many faces of the Queen
Josette recently moved here from Louisana to do some work in Carlsbad. She owns a Media Label - Velvet Lion - which dabbles in all sorts of media. The studio is open and takes on all comers to get their names known through their chosen medium; social networking, modeling, music, video, acting, and dancers. The company tends to support Street artists who do not have the capital or capability of advocating for themselves. The company has been known to put people in center-frame in the Underground circuit and several have broken out into the mainstream.
Body of Evidence
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Faces in the Night
Things to Inspire
I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
-Maya Angelou
The Diva
Race: Kindred
Full Name: Josette Mimose Jean-lys
Date of Birth: A Lady never tells
Occupation: HBIC
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Clan: Ventrue
Apparent Age: Mature
Height: 5'8"


  • Ventrue
  • Carlsbad


  • CEO of Velvet Lion Media Productions, a Soul/R&B/Rap and independent movie production company once based in Louisiana and moved recently to California.
    • They've recently branched out into social media and 'influencers'
  • Resembles closely her 'Grandmother' who did a few B-Cop/Vigilante movies in the 1970's.
The Woman
This classically handsome woman is a mix of regal femininity and unfaltering class. An older but still well taken care of complexion in deep hazelnut tones. Occasionally marked with laugh-lines and signs of an expressive youth that has granted her a very pretty resting bitch face in her 40 some odd years. Her face is sharp-angled and strong, giving the woman an almost predatory look.
Sultry almond-shaped eyes, almost black and expressive, are blanketed heavily with the latticework of her lashes. Her nose is slender and straight. Her lips, full and sultry, are expressive and colored for any outfit she picks to wear. Her hair is a heavy mantle of dark, often done in long Senegalese Braids or on occasion allowed to fall in well maintained spiral curls that frame her elegant features.
The lean silhouette of the woman moves with fluid freedom; long legs, slender toned arms and a posture that is self-aware and confident. She is graced with a luxuriant curve of hips and a slightly more than modest bust-line. These are often accentuated by her impeccable style. Often times her collarbone is exposed and decorated with jewelry, and her feet clad in only the most expensive heels, even in the winter. She favors clothing that tends towards High Class functions; modest enough for her age but fashionable and flirty enough to show a little skin and entice.
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