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Jude Hallow

“I have been driven to desperation more times than I can count. But it is here that I have been driven to the greatest inspiration that I can contain.”

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Close Friends

Confirmed Monsters

  • None - None Yet! As a note, being on this list doesn't mean I'm coming after you or something. Too many monsters in the world to go after all of them. AKA, unless you commit horrible monster atrocities right in front of me to excess, I don't hunt PCs.

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RP Hooks
  • DISCLAIMER - First off, Jude is a Hunter. She has been chosen by higher powers to save people and kill monsters. She has abilities that let her see through illusions, identify monsters, push off mind control, and similar. However, I cannot really identify a PC as a supernatural without that player's consent, due to the policies on the game. On top of that, just because I find out your supernatural does NOT mean I'm going to come after you or something. There are a lot of NPC monsters out there to keep her busy, and there are a multitude of reasons for her to interact with supernaturals. So, PLEASE, don't let my sphere scare you off from roleplaying with me.

  • College - Jude is a student at UC Prospect who transferred from ST. Jude's in Denver, a catholic college. Something happened that had her turn her back on her religious studies courses, and transfer schools. She doesn't live in the dorms, but can often be found around the campus.

  • Spooky House - Those in the know might be aware that the Old Willoughby House has been bought. Dating back to the 1800's or so, the house has had an infamous series of horrific things happen there, from murder, to suicide, to murder suicide, to it being the home of a cult. It has been abandoned for long periods of time, as well. Jude picked it up for almost nothing, and she is slowly working on trying to fix it up. Plus, few folks bother her here.

  • Battered - She usually has a black eye, or a bruise, or a swollen lip, or an arm in a sling or SOMETHING. Some folks might think she's being beaten or something, but really the hunt is just very hard on a Martyr.

  • Insomniac - Jude can end up around town at crazy hours, due to hating sleep for some reason.

  • Hunter - Jude is one of the Imbued. On Hunter-Net she is known as WoodBurn66, and she is known for her views on looking out for other hunters, and also for being butting heads with some of the old-school religious types on the list. ((**LOOKING FOR A CELL TO BELONG TO**))

  • Faith - Jude grew up in an old school Catholic family, and while she still believes in God and considers herself Catholic, her faith has been shaken by the hunt, and her own sexuality, and other things.

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The Old Willoughby House. Built in the late 19th century, the place has been in the market numerous times, and stayed off of it, uninhabited, for even more. The infamous home of a number of ill crimes, from suicide, to murder, to murder-suicide, the place was dirt cheap on the market, likely.

The only decent thing her father ever gave her.

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Name: Jude Hallow
Hometown: Red Springs, CO
Age: 19
Attending: UC Prospect
Creed: Martyr
Hunter Cell: None Yet

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Notable Stats

Appearance : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Stamina : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png

Crafts : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Brawl : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Firearms : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Vampire Lore : Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Mercy : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Zeal : Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Willpower : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png

Arsenal : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Patron : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Resources : Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

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