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“You have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly."
- Rumi

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RP Hooks
Are you looking to find a reason why Katie might like you? Well, stop! Katie likes everyone! She doesn't judge and will accept people as they are and how they look. As long as you're not horribly mean to her, she's your best friend! She knows businessmen, homeless people, scarred fighters and crazy Ratkin with a wish to burn down the city! You couldn't find a nicer, more welcoming person than Katie and her natural charisma carries her through. Are you still here? Fine! Here are some ideas:

Mental: Katie used to be unable to read, so now she can she's reading everything! She's an information sponge, taking it all in, from modern culture, everyday cooking to occult history. Meet her at a library, an occult bookstore or anywhere else there are books to be found or information to be gathered.

Physical: It's not just her mind that needs training, but her body too. Katie used to be horribly weak, but after some time at a local gym she's gained a little strength. She's also learning to protect herself, training in standard brawling techniques but also the more elaborate martial arts, specifically she's learning Aikido. Meet her at a gym or training area, or be her teacher! She has a long way to go.

Street: Katie spent a long time homeless so knows her way around the streets and has some interesting contacts. She still loves to spend time roaming the streets, alleyways and hidden areas of the city, she has a sense of adventure and a natural curiosity so can find people in the most unexpected places.

Nature: There's nothing Katie loves more than Nature, she spends most mornings at the park watching the sunrise, travels through the forest to find hidden natural treasures, and loves all animals and some say she even talks to them! Surely not? Katie can be found traveling almost anywhere.

Supernatural: Well of course she is, who isn't? Once a simple psychic, Katie learnt to unlock a lot more secrets, became talented with sorcery, and pushed her talent even further and awakened! Are you a mage, psychic or sorcerer and looking for someone to help, or someone with similar abilities to spend time with? Look no further!

Food: Katie loves her food. Feeling hungry and want to try something new? Katie will come along, she's always looking for new things to taste. Ask her about Curry Corner sometime!

Drink: Though she's underage, Katie has a fake ID so she sometimes finds her way into bars and clubs. She loves alcohol! Not too much though, she doesn't want to fall over and be sick.

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An attractive young woman in her late teens, quite short as she barely reaches 5'2", with a slim, waif-like figure and soft pale pink skin, lightly dotted with freckles. Her strawberry blond hair is neatly brushed and parted in the middle, falling gently downwards in light waves that curl around her shoulders and along her back, the length falling only a few inches short of her waist. Her heart shaped face has large, clear blue eyes, a cute nose and a small mouth with soft pink lips, while her voice has a cute and friendly tone.

A soft white t-shirt flows gently over the shape of her small curves, a printed design on the front of a pencil drawn bird, musical notes and symbols replacing the traditional feathers and body shape. A pair of clean, blue denim jeans are worn beneath, a comfortable fit that gives definition to her slim figure without being too tight, and a pair of pink and white running shoes protect her small feet.

With a friendly, outgoing appearance, she appears happy and usually smiling. A light perfume adds the final touch, a soft and subtle floral scent.

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Katie seems to have appeared in Prospect as if out of thin air. A once homeless girl now working her way off the streets, she seemingly has very little past, with only a few street types that know about her. The following information can be gathered with an appropriate Streetwise skill:

1: There are rumors Katie's involved with a group that trades information, mostly nosy streetkids. Or maybe she's just friends with some of the people who do the work.
2: One of the many street gangs of Prospect is said to have had 'conversations' with Katie. Normally they'd drug her, beat her and put her to work on the street, but for some reason they give her a little respect. It's said the leader likes her, but who knows?
3: It's a strange thing, but Katie has even managed to get her fingers into a bigger pie. A fraudster, not your simple street thug, but someone who swindles celebrities out of their savings. Someone with contacts, someone who can get you a completely new identity and nobody would be any wiser. It could just be a false rumor, it seems a bit strange that he'd be bothered with a simple homeless street kid.
4: Katie used to have a close friend when people first saw her, they went everywhere together and had some amazing luck with card games and horse racing. Rumor has it her friend even won a decent amount on the lottery. No idea what happened to her, Katie has been going it alone for a while now.
5: There's rumor from a friend of a friend who knows someone that Katie escaped from some Government facility somewhere. It could be true, it could be a conspiracy theory.

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Full Name: Katie Brooks
Date of Birth: June 17th, 2001
Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Build: Waif-like
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Strawberry Blond
Demeanor: Optimist
Sphere: Mage
Played By: Olesya Kharitonova

Notable Abilities:
Dexterity: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Charisma: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Appearance: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Intelligence: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Wits: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Stealth: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Empathy: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Parapsychology: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Singing: Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Ability Apt. (Singing): Fpnkdot.png

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Changeling color.png Changeling: I really want to play Dungeons & Dragons! It's /so/ weird most of the creatures in that game are real, like elves and trolls and stuff. I've wondered if it's like a collective conscious, where people know they exist but can't remember how, so they create games, books and movies about them. I can't remember meeting one, but I guess that's the point!
Demon.png Demons: They're fallen angels. Like, they're supposed to be evil and manipulative, but I haven't seen that yet. Maybe I've met the wrong type, or I'm being manipulated to believe they're nice? I don't know!
Garou.png Garou: Wow! Werewolves, like, how cool is that?! I'd love to be able to change into a wolf or a bird, I love animals. Maybe one day. Werewolves aren't like in the movies, they care about the land, which is real nice. I do too!
Mortal.png Mortals: Some are good, some are bad. Like I always say, people are people, everyone is different and it's not fair to judge. You don't know what they've been through. Most are nice though, they're always so kind.
Mage.png Mage/Sorc/Psy: This is me! I used to be a psychic and that's easy, sorcery was confusing sometimes, but real mages are so strong I can't even believe it! I know I'm not as clever or wise as some, but I'm trying my best to fit in. I hope I'm not too much trouble.
Vampire.png Vampires: I know they're for real, but I haven't met one yet. Or maybe I did and didn't know it. I'd like to! As long as they don't nibble on me.
Wraith.png Wraith: Aww. It's so sad, like, when you die you're supposed to go to a nice place, or a bad one if you've been real mean. These poor ghosts go somewhere else that sounds horrible. I wish I could see you, I'd give you a hug!

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Background Inspired by the Music Video,
Midnight City, by M83:


Theme Song
Coldplay: A Headful of Dreams


Katie's Favorite Band
The Naked and Famous

In Rolling Waves: https://tinyurl.com/yxxjl6pm
Simple Forms: https://tinyurl.com/ybec8p4j
Passive Me, Aggressive You: https://tinyurl.com/w4hofoa

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Katie Tattoos.jpg Katie Happy.jpg Katie Cold.jpg
Should I Get That Many Tattoos?
Happy As Always!
Is It Me, Or Is It Cold?
Katie NoTop.jpg Katie PartyDress.jpg Katie Bored.jpg
Who Stole My T-Shirt?!
I Wish I Looked That Pretty! Maybe One Day
It's Been One Of Those Days
Katie Nature.jpg
Back To Nature? I Know Some Verbena! Maybe?
Katie YouWish.jpg
Hmm, Let Me Think
Party Time! This Is My Rave Outfit
Katie Tshirt1.jpg
Katie Tattoo1.jpg
My New T-Shirt Design!
My Necklace
My Tattoo! It's So Cute!
Oh no, Lucky! What have you done now?

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