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Never knowing her family and growing up between foster homes and group homes in the Baltimore/DC area, this chick finally had enough and took off for good at 16, becoming a runaway. She traveled all over the US, hopping trains mainly but hitchhiking if need be, staying with people she met on the road or just off camping in the woods until it was time to move on to the next locale. For some reason, this place seemed like a good place to put down roots for a while and its been a wild ride so far: dating, good times, horrible times, acceptance, school, engaged, broken up... studying abroad... and home again. But for what? There are no ties here anymore. What draws her here?

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RP Hooks
Kinfolk- No one could tell her what tribe she belonged to, so she took on the tribe of her ex-mate, Bryan. She is was a Coggie kinfolk as far as she was concerned. Does she lose that in the breakup too? Lost again?

Psychic- She's always been this way, some powers have just strengthened over the years. She longs to learn some new ways to apply her powers and study the ones she already has.

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Addison - I am not to be toyed with. Decisions are easy when there is only one choice.

Amira -I don't know her very well, but she seems just as possessive of her guys as I am.

Aodhan MacBhaird - Grumpy dwarf.

Arabella- Addison's twin sister- he is older by like 2 minutes. Liam's girlfriend. I don't know her well, but she goes to the same school as me so probably will see more of each other.

Atwood - I am her mirror apparently... and she was my girl-crush. Moved to NY.

Barry Blanchard - No, I didn't say your mom was a "fat fucking whore", but maybe she is since that was the first place you went with that. Freud would have a field day with you.

Bayne -Definitely cute, but lazy. He is fun to talk to, but haven't hung out with him in a while.

Bastion Beckett/+ -Sad, protective and giving. Completely not what I expected of your kind. You were a good friend, but your sanity was slipping and you were becoming a danger. I hope Gaia will take your soul and gives you the life you deserved your next go around. (DEAD)

Blaze - Helped to cleanse me after the BSD thing. Thanks.

Boots -My pet kitten... I'm going to love him and squeeze him until his eyes pop out! *squee* Where did he go?

Boss - Ug, he is like Barry. Annoying.

Bren - Strides' mate. Lupus born with a human... interesting.

BryanO+ - Ex-Mate. Ex-fiance. Shit happens. Life happens. It was good while it lasted. It doesn't have to last forever to be a successful relationship. I wish you well.

Caleb - Is that all you can take? Or do you want to go for more? *toys with a silver knife*

Chance -One of my best friends that I have made so far. He is eccentric, yes, but always has time for me and makes me feel safe.

Clara- Clingy, annoying chick. Feel sorry for her boyfriend.

Coleanna- Wanna let him get cold in the ground before tramping around? Stay classy.

Dale - A Get with a sense of humor? And a nice body... and a big strong arm to lead me around on... *swoon* (DEAD)

Dani -Glad he and you broke up. You were no good for him.

Davi -A sweet guy. Traveler like me. He seems a little self conscious about the scars and keeps his hair in his face, but he has a pretty smile. Some people just wear their scars on the outside... many of us wear them on the inside.

Deana - met her as a wolf in the woods. She is skittish, but gave me steak!

Deil - He is an imposter!

Edda - Owen's mate. She kinda sticks with him so I haven't gotten to know her very well. Hope he doesn't beat on her like he beat on me.

Erik -Clara's boyfriend who I didn't believed existed, because he is always away on business. When he was at dinner he was pretty aloof. Polite though.

Erin- Potty mouthed momma. She is loud and obnoxious and says what's on her mind. And she is my boss at Madd Mods.

Faina- A new face around. She was kind when I experienced my first loss.

Fiona Bulger -aka Hi-Fi- Mikey's mate. She hates my guts because she thinks I was after Mikey. He was a friend, but you ruined that.

Galen+ - My ex. What more is there to say? I'm so sorry for... almost everything.

Garan - A very interesting man that makes my heart skip a beat, but not because of his looks.

George- Good guy. Always has been kind to me even when others were not. Always has the scoop.

Gwydion - A musician I met at the coffee shop with Galen. He is pretty charming and funny.

Hugh+ -My dealer... *shifty eyes* Where, oh where, did you go!

Iva - Annoying.

Kami+ -He is interesting and somewhat similar to me. And a total effing flirt. Fun for a roll in the ... caern?

Kaydin -Missed you, friend, but you don't even know what hells I have been through without you. (DEAD)

Keandra- Kitty-Kitty! She rolls with our little group.

Kennedy - World class runner, ghost hunter and rebel.

Kenneth -Dayam, you are one tall drink of water... But really kind to me. Hope we hang out more.

Keris - A bit stuffy for my tastes, but then again I have only seen you in group settings.

Klem- This woman is almost always in a bad mood. Suck down a drink and get laid woman!

Lasota -Cutie I met at the Smoke. A touch OCD and calls me 'Red', which is growing on me. Moved to NY

Leandro+ -Miss you. We had good times.

Liam - Sweet on Arabella. He is a good guy and never seen him chase anyone else. An excellent cook too.

Liron - Is a really good teacher of Garou stuffs and I appreciate his lessons. (DEAD)

Malcolm - I liked him and his drum playing... until he opened his mouth. I don't do hippie talk well.

Marcus - You are odd and intriguing and your kisses are addictive.

Marty+ -A sweet guy that needs to have a little fun sometimes.

Mikey -Not as badass as he portrays. He is a jackass now so we don't talk.

Mocker - I think our time together has come to an end. I don't want to be spanked.

Nessa+ -Dead-Red... She is my evil twin, if she wasn't dead, the caern would be in so much trouble having the both of us in the flesh. She's freaky-deaky for a dead chick.

Nicolas - Cool guy I met in the park. Easy to talk to and isn't skeevy like some of the other guys I have met.

Owen - You made it easy to leave. Thanks for that and nearly breaking my cheek bone too. That was a treat.

Phil - Mer-MAN! *coughcough* Mer-MAN!

Polina - she helped put me back together, healing me up after the Dancer thing. Thank you, lady.

Ray - He is really nice and even sometimes funny when you get past that gruff exterior. He is honest and to the point. I like that.

Rianna - Seems nice. My mate is teaching her garou type stuff, but we have a lot in common. I hope we will become friends too.

Sharon Certus - She seems nice enough. I don't know her too well. I feel sorry for her if she gets mixed up with Barry and Boss though.

Strides -Simplistic wolf mentality... Eat and mate. Though he is nicer than most of the humans running around. I totally would have kicked his ass if he couldn't heal as fast as he did. Rematch?

Tayze - Got some really weird vibes off this dude. Not really sure about him.

Tom - Don't know him, just heard of him. What a fool.

Victor+ - A fling that probably shouldn't have happened nor happen again. (Gone)

Vidar - Eye candy, but I think he's taken. (DEAD)

Winnie -She is protective and very blunt. Her honesty is refreshing and sometimes embarrassing. Good theurge:) Misfit.

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Random Tidbits
Katie is kinda a nudist at times. Don't be surprised if she swims in the buff. Why should she be ashamed?

She is into photography, dabbling in most types except pictures of weddings and posing babies/kids. She may snap a photo of you unexpectedly. She also does posing for photography sometimes... if the price is right.

She just got out of a long-term thing and her feelings are kinda raw and her sense of trust and belief of love in the long run isn't so assured. So. Don't expect her to trust you or love you. Fuck love.

Guns- She goes to the range sometimes to shoot. She is a pretty decent shot.

A touch jealous sometimes. While she doesn't like labels, when she befriends someone, she is protective of them-friend or lover. When someone cuts into her time with her people, it pisses her off.

Katie likes the booze and you will often find her sipping from a flask when she doesn't have anything to do school or work related.

She is doing pre-med at the university. She wants to be a doctor. She has lost a relationship over her schooling, but it has put her ahead and she is to graduate with a BS in Pre-Med/Biology in Fall of 2015. She is smart, even though one might not think it to look at her. Taking the MCAT and then off to Med school.

She got her certification in phlebotomy and just got a job drawing blood at the hospital. Gotta make that money and it helps her get connections at the hospital.

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Katie Callahan

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Full Name: Katelyn (Katie) Callahan

Age: 22

Appearance: 3

Theme Song: "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel

Tribe: Children of Gaia? Kinda? Am I? Lost again?

Mated to: No one.

Pack Association: None.

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