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Leon Manx

As reason is a rebel to faith, so passion is a rebel to reason. - Thomas Browne








The Clash - I Fought the Law

Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

Stray Cats - Rock This Town

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jump Jive An' Wail

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You and Me (And The Bottle Makes Three)

Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco

Date of Birth: October 17, 1943
Embrace Date: January 01, 1966
Height/Weight: 6'2" / 190 lbs.
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Brujah


Born the son of two upstanding citizens of the United States, Leon was never one to be content with fitting into the constraints placed upon society at the time. He was a rebel, the middle child of five - always straining to be seen or heard over the din of his older or younger siblings. Every turn he took seemed to be in open defiance of his parents and the rigid morality of the age. When rock and roll became prevalent, he found his calling and ran away from home to find his luck singing. Of course, without practice, training or talent - he fell flat on his dreams. This gave him more to rebel against, even more so when the war in Vietnam kicked off.


As a person in opposition to the war - you can be certain Leon voiced his opinion as a protester more than once. Of course, when the draft kicked off - he motored his rebellious ass up to Canada, dodging as best he could. From there, he still railed against the war in Vietnam, protesting, shouting, fighting - whatever it would take to get people to realize his point of view. What that point was, was often muddled in passionate anger - very little substance beyond that. That same passion got him in more trouble than he thought could happen. A Kindred named Jack Sebastien, in a drunken bar-brawl, took note of Leon's passion. After the brawl had cleared, Leon was dragged out back to an alleyway and unceremoniously Embraced.


Of course, Leon found himself in a more rigid society than before - even despite the obvious power granted by being a Kindred. Once through the Accounting, he again threw off the shackles of his Sire - stepping out to make a name for himself. While Leon follows the Traditions, he's not above rabble-rousing for change. Kindred society can be better, and he's just the lick to make things happen - at least in his mind.



Madeline - Elder, Dancer - wonderful to chat with, it's fun to surprise her.

Hailee - From Detroit! Another Rose, got me this wicked cap. All sorts of awesome conversation.

Vivianne - Daughter of what? Dunno. Seemed like a nice woman to talk to. Sharp wit. I like that!

Vegard - Ventrue. Seems pretty up front. Progressive. Better than the alternative.

Arya - Magister, Lasombra - tomato, tomahto. Seems like a nice enough lick.

JD - Gangrel fella. Throws a hell of a party!
Brice 5.jpg

Brice - Yet another Rose. Seems he ran afoul of some sort of wooj. Good conversationalist, though.

Agate - No shit, a ninja assassin! Seems friendly enough!