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Note: This guide was written by a player. It is not officially sanctioned by staff. While best attempts have been made at accuracy, it is possibly inaccurate or out-of-date. If you see something that should be changed, please contact Bobbi on MUSH.

This is intended as a repository of scripts that clean-up logs. They rely on the assumption that you are logging everything, and that the logs of each character goes into a separate file. To run these scripts, you will need access to typical command-line tools, which should be built-in to any Linux or OS X system.

For help logging from your client, see Auto Logging Helper

Marking Logs

When you start a scene:


When you end a scene:


Replace '#' with an appropriate number for other unique marker for the scene.

Extracting Marked Logs

Extract scene log from raw log and print to screen:

awk '/SCENE#START/,/SCENE#END/' filename

Extract scene log from raw log into new file:

awk '/SCENE#START/,/SCENE#END/' filename > newfilename

This will give you everything that happened between when you set those markers.

Coming soon: ways to automatically remove various OOC output.

Creating a Logfile URL

Submit the log and it will return a URL for you to put into the xpreq.

curl --upload-file '<filename>' 'https://paste.c-net.org/'

Left to Automate

cut out the standard oneliner OOC commands.

cut out everything between header functions

cut out everything between WHO header/footer

look for anything else might get missed

integrate into TinyFugue