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Maz leans forward at the table, and murmurs, "I believe I speak for the entire board of directors when I say, "Yes. Oh Yes. Oh Fuck Yes. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Yes. Yes. Yes!"

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Sleepers Oh you Gods, Oh you Monsters. You poor dears have let Them make you think yourselves so small, so trivial, when you're the Biggest Lot of all...
Traditions Quite possibly the worst system of governance in history, except for all the others.
Traditions Yup, I'm the story they tell to all the good little conservative Snuffers before tuckin' 'em into bed. the Chakravanti who doesn't kill. Seriously though...despite the tension, I believe in our cause, our mission. Death is just another word for change, transformation. Just I'm less interested in killing the body of the man than helping him simply to kill his old life.
Traditions A few souls keep telling me I should be here instead, and in another world, I probably am.
Technocracy Blindness. Classic example of good intentions being a brill road surfacing on the way to Hell. Still, there's hope for them, but it'll be a LOT of work.
Nephandi "There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought."
Marauder There but for the grace of Shakti go I...
Independants Right on, you kids. Tough path to follow, but in the early days, that was almost me. Just keep your nose clean, s'all I'm saying...
Consors Kingdom's lost for want of a nail, Guv. Be kind to your blacksmith, especially before he goes shoein' your horse...
Vampire ...Uh. They only SEEM to sparkle...when they bite you. *blushes*
Werewolf Okay...that was to find out that Werewolves actually exist. And werebears too, I suppose...
Tribe Sisterhood is Powerful. And a little bit sexy.
Wraith ...had surprisingly few dealings with them. Oh, don't give me that face, just because of who I am. Not all of us dance so close to those who shuffled off the mortal coil...
Changeling Oh! Does that mean Tinklebell is real then? I want to meet one! I have a birthday coming up...
Demon *sigh* Everyone expects me to say something cute and clever here like "Oo right, we all have our Demons to face." But no. I'm not gonna...

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Velok Aering.png [They Don't Know] -- I've taken tea with Fate every day for the past ten years.But I never really Believed in it. Not until the day we met. Married in our hearts, if not yet on paper.

Misa Tinyheart.png -- Sister. Lover. We have each others backs, and more. You complete He and I.

Penny Cupid.png -- He is my male Soul. You are my Female. I love you both...

Kato Heartwing.png -- What started as a dalliance has turned into an irresistible need.

Stephanie Tinyheart.png -- My gosh, look how far you've come, you Goddess you! I will ALWAYS be there for you.

Phil -- Exceedingly easy going in a way that I'm not sure infurates or comnletely delights me.

Zach -- Don't know him well enough, not yet. I think I've seen his kind before: Duty To The Cause, eh wot. Still, upon addition meetings, I think I will enjoy getting to know him better.

Kylara -- Sometimes you act like you're entirely out of your element. You so solidly have one foot in the mundane, one in the supernatural. You are the anchorpoint that keeps us from getting too big an ego, yeh? Don't ever stop. Also: You are damn sexy! Rowwr!

Basilisk -- O-M-G you are adorable! But I can't help but wonder what your story's actually about...

Cieran -- Cor, how many of us from back home are hanging out in the Colonies here?

CJ -- Wasn't sure what to make of her when we first met. Her affection and trust is not freely or easily given, and I'm so fortunate to have her kinship.

Lacey -- I have a feeling we would have an absolutely epic time painting the two red together. Suspect should would easily drink me under the table.

Fidelia -- For a moment, I thought about turning my back forever on something new. And then she came, with her innocent smiles and curious wisdom and convinced me otherwise. She truly is the impossible woman. The things those eyes have seen...

Connor -- Remember what I said! Avenge meeee! I mean...sing for me if I'm dead!

Typhanie -- Right, I need to remember to commit this number to memory before I wash it off my wrist.

Bjorn -- Good luck, Yogi. I think we're both going to need it.

Cig -- You know, I've been doing the exotic dance gig for a while, and something tells me he might, quite possibly, be the best boss I've ever had.

Liesl -- Oh. That woman and her snake. Good to have a source of inspiration. Cute inspiration. Cutespiration?

Lane -- *turns to Stephanie* "You know...if I wasn't practically a lesbian already, I believe looking at her would have immediately converted me. Blimey!"

Skye -- what's your story...?

Fabian -- You just officially made the Awesome List!

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MazB1.jpg MazB2.gif MazB4.jpg MazB3.jpg

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Race: Mage
Full Name: Hilimaz "Maz" Harkness
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Height: 5'5"
Date Of Birth: May 1st
Nationality: British, South End of London
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Tradition: Euthanatos
Faction: Chakravanti
Essence: Primordial

Mage2.png Euthanatos.png

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RP Hooks
  • Language - If you speak Hindi, so does Maz. She speaks English with a lower class Estuary British accent, common to the poorer areas of London, although it tends to rise and fall as to how 'ghetto' it gets.
  • Craft - Maz is just all up in your weird area with the crafts. Metal and leatherworking are particular favorites. She makes money maintaining a small variety of online shops: "Steel and Whimsy" for her bladework and reproductions, "'MAZing Creations" for the more cosplay side of things, and "Passionation" for her fetish clothing and items work. If you are into crafting things, there is a good chance you've heard at least a little about her.
  • Gambling - Maz has a little bit of fame on the gambling circuit, especially poker and craps. She even made it to the final table once or twice in a WSOP series. Never managed to close the deal, but it was hard not to remember her colorful tableside banter at the time.
  • Euthanatos - Maz is a Euthanatos, nominally part of the Chakravanti. She has a rather unusual sort of infamy as "That Chick What Don't Kill People". Seriously, she is renowned for being a vegetarian and not killing unless absolutely left no choice in self defense. (Outsider 2 flaw)
  • Black Furies - Maz is a Black Fury kinfolk (on her Father's side, oddly enough) with a Pure Breed of 1. She has been given nominal instruction in what this all means, and while she seems down with the Garou mission, she isn't quite yet a significant part of the community.
  • Dancing - Maz is a really amazing dancer. She especially enjoys exotic dancing.

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"Birthday" - The Cruxshadows

"A Smaller God" - Darling Violetta
"Shanti/Ashtangi" - Madonna
"Lady Grinning Soul" - David Bowie
"Vision Thing" - Sisters of Mercy
"Jukebox Hero" - Foreigner
"In The Garage" - Weezer
"Born To Lead" - Hoobastank

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"New Life, new chances - these are beautiful and miraculous. But there can be nothing new if the old is not let go. There is no life without death; that is the greatest secret: the secret of change.

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Played By: Billie Piper