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Information Snapshot

Mage - An Etherite in good standing, Melody is somewhat prone to digression and verbosity when discussing her work.

Kinain - It's not entirely obvious on looking at her, but Melody is a Nocker Kinain. It seems to run in her family. Speaking of that ...

Quaeritate - a German brand of watch that has been around for over a century in one form or another, the Quaeritate brand is all about elegant, expensive precision. They work to specification, from the large to the small, and remain firmly ahead of the curve stylistically. Melody's work with them has been about better, stronger materials, cleaner cuts; the tools of the modern age



Under five feet tall and with a body-type to match, Melody carries a chip on her shoulder that belies her size. And so, everything about her is larger than life. Her hair is always impeccably styled in stellar (pun intended) fashion, swirls and buns and braids and usually draped artistically in a way that cover her ears. She has coke-bottle glasses with designer frames and the clothing she wears is always fitted and frequently custom-tailored - be it sleek suits or baroque outfits-slash-dresses. Frequently found with gadgets of her own design, either on their own or in an oversized doctor's bag (noticing a theme here?)

Melody is tiny, but everything about her is larger than life.

Contacts Quotes
Melody/Hooks "... the whole point is that it goes clockwise. It's a fucking clock! Widdershins is not an option!" - Melody

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