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“Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies”

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Aiden - You offer me a room and expect me to turn it down? Don't worry: No Psycho, No Stealing, No Strings.

Wyck - Well, if you're gay. That explains it.

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RP Hooks
Mia makes her way in the world mostly by scamming folks.

Petty Thief

When Mia can't get her way with words, she's been known to resort to just taking things outright.

Palm Reader

You can often find Mia in touristy places of town where she offers palm readings for a 'donation.' Given that she's a con, you can guess how much truth she puts in them.


The irony is that Mia has some psychic abilities that she's just getting a handle on and doesn't fully understand yet.


Mia's parents and grandparents crossed the border from Mexico and worked as migrants for most of her life. It was a tough life and no surprise to anyone when she left to strike out on her own.


Mia left her family before high school graduation and hasn't really ever settled down. She drifts from city to city, and is still relatively new here.

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Full Name: Mia Flores
Occupation: Palm Reader/Busker/Con
Race: Mortal+/Psychic
Age: Late Teens
Appearance: Scrawny, Hispanic kid
Demeanor: Conniver

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