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Information Snapshots
  • Name: Milenka Siracheto
  • Age: Teen
  • Height: 5'ish
  • Weight: Emaciated
  • Notable Flaws
    • Harbinger of the Abyss

Cannot pass for human except from a distance in the dark. It's always dark. She's a pretty teenager that has been hollowed out and refilled with darkness beyond mortal ken. Light flees her presence. Plants wither and die as the life giving light in them is snuffed out. A walking harbinger of oblivion and the eventual heat death of the universe.

Contacts Quotes
Daphnne - Your sire doesn't appreciate you.

Katharina - I am a monster so that my friends can remain pure.

Dusana - God will not save you. Luckily the darkness will.

Vilmos - We shall unleash blood and darkness upon our enemies.

Franchesca - Daphnee's spawn. We shall see your worth.

Nadya - My childer.

"Humans are afraid of the dark.. The dark knows this." - Strangling ghouls in the dark

"Let the Romani settle if they seek a new home. But the Ravnos.. Best to burn their caravans and slaughter their followers. They are nothing but troublemakers." - Right before the Ravnos drew the Inquisition down on her domain

"I shall fund her undoing with the very coin of insult she gave me. I shall use it to foment rebellion in her peasants and arm them with weapons of her own purchase." - Enmity towards Nova Arpad

"I have been a Prince for over 200 years. No one makes demands of me. If these organizations desire my support they may come and ASK it of me." - The Anarch Revolt

"Damn those Mohammedan pederasts. At least the women of my city will be safe. The Ottomans only sniff after helpless little boys." - On the Ottoman sack of her former city.

RP Logs