Mysheet Examples

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The +mysheet command provides a helpful way to see just the stats that are useful in different situations.

Here are some helpful examples:


 &LIST_MYSHEET_COMBAT me=Strength|Dexterity|Stamina|Athletics|Brawl|Dodge|Primal Urge|Melee|Stealth|Gnosis|Rage|Willpower|Health
 &LIST_MYSHEET_RENOWN me=Glory|Honor|Wisdom|Temp Glory|Temp Honor|Temp Wisdom
 &LIST_MYSHEET_RENOWN me=Cunning|Infamy|Power|Temp Cunning|Temp Infamy|Temp Power

Damage counters

 &LIST_MYSHEET_DAMAGE me=Health|Bashing|Lethal|Aggravated|Chimerical Damage

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