Rivers Book of Shadows

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Alchemy 6, Shapeshifting 5, Enchantment 5, Spirit Command 5, Fortune 5, Mana Manipulation 3, Conveyance 3, Gauntlet Manipulation 3 Psychoportation 2, Channeling 1, Animal Psychics 1, Synergy 1
Level 1 (Concentration Charm) Mimics the merit concentration.
Level 1 (Sleeping Charm) Allows the recipient to sleep like a baby.
Level 2 (Enhance Craftsmanship) Sorcerer revised.
Level 2 (Parlor Trick Charm) Mimics the merit of the same name.
Level 3 (Dona Nobis Pacem) Mimics the kinfolk gift of the same name.
Level 3 (Equivalent to Child of Gaia fetish, The Whole Gym Bag) Mimics the same fetish, but for those without gnosis.
Level 3 (Perfect Balance Charm) Mimics merit Perfect Balance.
Level 4 (Ring Of Mental Defense) For every 2 successes gained the enchantment gives the user 1 point of mental defense adding another needed success the attacker must get.
Level 4 (spirit of the Bird Pendant) Mimics the gift Spirit of the Bird
Level 5 (Ring Of Occult Prowess) +5 dice to all occult rolls
Mana Manipulation
Infusion: Level 2
Shape Mana: Level 3
Teleportation Ward: Um Ward vs telporters?
Get me the Heck Out of Here: Emergency teleport home!
Spirit Command
Talisman and Talen Creation.