Rook Castellini

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Quote: Normal people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is.

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  • Traditions: An Acolyte thief hoping to awaken, she was Embraced by a Gangrel while on the job, now a Consor. An odd benefit package...
  • Vampire: An Autarkis/Independent and apolitical Gangrel, her sire is 'Some Gangrel Chick who bit and dumped me'. She seems weary of both sides but willing to get along unless they try to pressure her to join or come after her.

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Contacts as a Acolyte turned Consor:

Phil: Old friend and ally, fell into Consoring for. I'm your Huckelbarry.

Gwydion: Friendly, connections type guy, new boss!

Eloise: Boss of bosses? Kindness and power.

Penny: Want her to keep the glasses on when I bite her..

Contacts amongst the Dead:

LittleA: Respect and hatred, brings out my beast.

Faqirah: Such an interesting meeting, lots to think on.


Contacts among the others:

Aiden: New friend of mine. Fun, funny, geeky, friendly. What is she though?



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  • Denton: Denton

Former CIA declared a 'loose end' to be taken care of after becoming despondent over terminal cancer. Rook found him drinking in the Harbor, setting up to be taken out deal by several clean up teams. He ended the first, she made the sole survivor of the second believe he succeed and then cured Denton. Bound. He leads her other groups and is the tactical head.

  • Latisha: Denton

Latisha is a cat burgler, skilled in electronics/physical/computer intrusion and theft. She was the subject of a human-hunting game set up on the outskirts of city limits, her and several others held by a group of Gorehounds and used one at a time for sport. Rook ended the formori and saved Latisha, the last survivor, revealing her power during the hunt. Latish eagerly took up service and was bound.

  • Furio Beniti: Denton

Furio is a lieutenant in the local Italian organized crime who's life and family Rook saved from a rival. Bound. A 'fixer' he gets needed items and hires out extra muscle, hopefully so it can be worked out to seem to come out in the Italian's favor, increasing his influence.

  • Nikki Riggs: Denton

Nikki Riggs was a local Acolyte taken by vampires much as Rook herself was but bound as a Ghoul rather than Embraced. Rook extracted her, disapearing the other vampires, and replaced the established Bond with her own. Though it is being allowed to fade so that she will regain free will and be able to decide her life for herself. She is a skilled hunter perfering rifles and explosives.

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Rook Castellini

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Factions: Traditions/Independent
Positions Consor/Gangrel
Full Name: Jenny Castellini
Date of Birth: Oct 13, 1991
Build: 5'6" Curvy
Hair, Skin: Brown, Alabaster
Eyes: Sapphire
Cabal: Lighthouse of Messina

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  • Rook's Singing: is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, which she does in general disguise and under the stage name 'Noctis Basium'.*

Trip The Darkness

Enjoy the Silence


Our Truth


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