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This is an introduction


LogoCraftAhliBatin.png Nice blend of folks. Helped me understand the numbers in a really cool way. Now they just won't stop!
Akashicbrotherhood.png I trained with them for only a few months, but they were gracious to let me observe. I learned a thing or two from them, and know better than to call them Jackie Chan wannabes watching too much Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Dreamspeakers.png I spent a year with these guys. Shamanic tradition. I heard they had technomancers among their number and thought they were joking. They weren't, and they don't fuck around. Consider me intrigued.
Sonsofether.png They're like a softball team trying out for the MLB. Lots of ideas, but they get lost halfway there. I spent a summer at one of their bases. Definately need to stay on your brain-toes with these folks.
Virtualadepts.png We know the truth of the world and everyone acts like DOS is still in. Get with the program. Literally.
Marauder.png I dealt with one of these fuckers. Keep them the HELL away from me.
Nephandi.png Descension blah blah blah, serving the Great Old Ones blah blah blah Satan is the Shit blah blah blah. It's all the same. You couldn't cut it, so you sold out and now are punishing everyone else cuz you are l@mer. You deserve what's coming to you, and then some.
Technocracy.png Sure. They tell you they're saving the world and being humanity's Superman and whatever but what they don't tell you is they equate humanity to sheep. Dumb, idiotic, and require steering. Who steers them? Well DUH. People aren't sheep bro, and where you are 'steering' them is a place I nor they need to go. We're enemies. Nuff said.

  • 30#3~1: Still eh. Okay for the most part and don't see her often anymore. Still owes me a date though.
  • 41#5~2: Her? Haven't seen her around in a while. Must not run in the same circles I guess?
  • 50#5~2: I dunno. My gut tells me something my head is saying otherwise.
  • 59#14~2: The friend of a friend? Yeah I told you. We don't hang.
  • 71#8~3: Seems cool to me. Reminds me of a Solo. No. Not THAT Solo. Far cooler than that one.
  • 89#17~3: Cute...but weird. Introduced her to Malort. The knowledge of that heinous liquour must flow..


  • 64#10~1: So originally people thought we were both from an alternate dimension. Buddies across time and space, cahooting in our cahoot-yness. Joke's on them. I'm not from another dimension. Ha!


  • None so far


  • 46#10~3: Former apprentice. Left to see the world. Good luck, Newb.
Schrodinger, Rufus's Cat Lucky, kitten, Schrodinger's Apprentice