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Sarah Astor

"Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again." - Tori Amos









Age: 19 - February 1, 2000
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Hair Color: White blonde
Demeanor: Drifter









Flaw of Note: Curiosity
Flaw of Note: Soft-Hearted

Merit of Note: Acute Sense of Touch
Merit of Note: Ability Aptitude (Dancing)




  • Drifter (Demeanor): You drifted through your life, taking everything in stride. You prefer to let things happen to you, and wait until events sort themselves out without your interference. You strongly avoid making the decisions, and tend to rely on your companions to make them for you. Sometimes you try to postpone making a choice long enough for one of your options to go away. You are very relaxed, mellow, and easy to get along with. You are agreeable to a fault; often you follow another’s’ suggestion rather than make the conscious choice to avoid that person.
  • Trusting: +With a general belief of goodness in the world, she probably is a little too liberal with who she trusts but so far, as far as she knows, it hasn't let her down any. She's made a few good friends since her arrival in town.
  • Dancer: A love for dancing even if she doesn't know where it stems from. All sorts of dancing, ballroom, hip hop, ballet.
  • Amnesia: Unfortunately, she has no idea of anything about her past. There are three things she owns from before, but remembers nothing about any of them. Most times she doesn't mention it, preferring no one to see her as something just short of 'normal'.
  • Employment: Currently employed as a server at Royal Cajun Cabaret.


♡ ♫ Goo Goo Dolls - Iris ♫ ♡


Alexandre: Met him at the beach. Foprmerly a housemate. He needed a place to stay, my place was almost big enough for two. Almost. I didn't mind sharing.

Morgan: An angel I think. I trust her and look forward to working for her if I get the chance.

Seth: He knows the angel, he dated her he said. He's got money, I'm pretty sure. We had a lot of fun dancing. The beach has all of the good looking guys. I think he's dating Mitzi!

Mitzi: A woman who knows everyone. I caught her just before she was leaving town and she left me with contact info for a job in the city. I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested.

Kenji: Master of Would-be Saki but in reality Vodka. Sharer of Liquor? Japanese, not Chinese and he knows some of the same people Mitzi does. Interesting and good looking. The city is filled with good looking guys.

James: A man who knows what he wants and likely gets it. Very charismatic. I went for a job as a bartender or server and ended up trying out as a dancer for his show! Just a server for now though.

Lexi: Met her at Roasters. She has been through sooo much and lived to tell about it. She likes lard and insects. I've never met anyone quite like her. - That I remember.

Robert: He kept talking about his snake. And showing it to people. I'm not sure what to think about him.

Mikael: Introduced himself. Then totally ignored me the next time we met. He was hanging out in James' VIP area with some others and they all just ignored me. His friends definitely aren't my friends. No thanks!

Drake : A police officer I think? He seemed nice enough, bought me a drink. Maybe I'll visit that place again.


"The best part of not knowing who you are anymore, is that it gives you a chance to become the person that you wanna be."