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Balance "I thought we left chaperones behind a decade ago."
Daize "Hang ten!"
Dom "Don't you ever forget!"
Jenna "I've never had an assistant before. You can try it if you like."
Leyla "Best surprise of my life!"
Lisde "Do they have a left field in cricket?"
Lori "Tri-Delt represent!"
Makiko "Keep your eye on the shy ones."
Mitzi "Overbooked."
Morgan de Rossi "Workaholic."
River "Enabler."
Sarah "If you're going to make a fresh start, that's the way to do it."

Moved on

Ailys "You could have just asked."
Brandon "Why can't all celebs be this down-to-earth?"
Brohain "Whoa, slow down, buddy! Gonna give yourself a heart attack by the time you're thirty."
Callie "Call me when you get out of lockup?"
Pandora "Aptly named."