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Sharon Certus
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Information Snapshots


Name: Sharon O Certus
Age: 20's
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Shame on you for asking!
Hair & Eye Color: Brunette and green
DOB: Not yesterday
Occupation: Waitress and such


Mute but she manages to get her point across
App 4. Stands out in a crowd
Chicago native. Ever been? Lived in Atlanta too.
Teen age beauty queen
Jazz/Blues fan. Can be found at clubs that play them like Artemis
Waitress at After Dark.
Beach Bunny. She loves sun and sand.

Folks Quotes
Adelise1.jpg Adelise - Not what I was expecting but hopefully we will meet again.

Bronwyn2.jpg Bronwyn - And I thought I had a casual dress code. Hard to feel over dressed while topless, I would have thought.

Jake Homid.jpg Chambers - Looking out for the little folk.

Callie3.jpg Callie - Finally someone like me I can talk to.

Chance - Taught me a lot about myself. Such an unusual man but he grows on you quickly.

Corbin - The boss. Taught me all the more about myself.

Eloise2.jpg Eloise - Opened up things for me in more than one way.

Jeanne.jpg Jeanne - A close cousin I've found. I must learn some of those moves.

Kass7.jpg Kass - Terrifying! At least at first.

Liam.jpg Liam - Heck of a cook. You have to visit Smoke and Barley.

Timara1.jpg Tim - So sweet and gifted. I wish I could help.

Pitt1.jpg Pitt - Talk about misjudging someone. That was embarassing.

VelokM.jpg Velok - He surprised me. I think we will get along well.

Steinar1.jpg Steinar - A very forthright man.

Yuri - Big gun

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