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If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.

- Federico Fellini

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Mage "Our eyes are opened."

Cult of Ecstasy "Boundaries are made to be broken."

Technocracy "Your control is an illusion."

Time "Our greatest ally."

Changeling "They know the truth."

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Sharon Donovan was born on September 1st, 1995 in New Orleans, Louisiana. A birth defect left her with undeveloped vocal chords and an inattentive mother left her in the care of child social services when she was still a toddler. Diagnosed as Autistic at an early age, the mute child spent her childhood bouncing from one foster home to another in a city that hovered on the brink of disaster. When disaster came in August of 2005, just before her 10th birthday, the little girl's life changed forever.

Sharon awakened while the city of New Orleans was facing the brunt of Hurricane Katrina. Though she has never shared the details of the experience with fellow awakened, one media story does mention an adolescent girl who was discovered alone in the wreckage of a house that was abandoned when it's family fled to Houston, Texas ahead of the dangerous storm. The young autistic mute was different after her rescue. There was a confidence in her that superseded her young age and an air of control over her fate that did not exist before.

After New Orleans recovered, Sharon returns to the foster homes and care shelters where she thrived in school. Other awakened were met along the way and by the age of sixteen, she had joined the Cult of Ecstasy and disappeared shortly after. The young woman has since popped up in various cities over the years, most notably spending the greater part of a year in Austin, Texas. She arrives in Prospect, California a couple of years ago though has remained on the outskirts of Mage society so far.

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Sharon Donovan

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Name: Sharon Donovan
Race: Mage
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Faction: The Traditions
Chantry: The First Step

Concept: Mute Artist
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Visionary
Age: Early to Mid 20's
Hometown: New Orleans, LA.

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RP Hooks
Mute: She can't speak!
NOLA: She was born and raised in the Big Easy.
Artist: She is known as a talented painter and sketch artist.
Nightlife: She frequents the city's club and bar scene.
Drugs: She is a regular partaker.

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