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I don't care if I sing off key
I found myself in my melodies
I sing for love, I sing for me
I'll shout it out like a bird set free

- Sia, "Bird Set Free"

Ah, Simone Blake. Who doesn't love a good story of celebrity self-destruction, followed by a comeback?

Simone burst into the public consciousness in 2011 with her self-titled debut album. Critics praised her crystal clear soprano, in particular the contrast between it and the grittier rock stylings it was overlaid on. Commercially, it was also a success, with two of the songs ("By the Water" and "Don't Wait Up") charting, along with the album itself.

Then things started to go bad. There were rumors of an affair, a breakup, and drug use. Tabloids loved it, and just a few years after her hit debut, the main thing she was known for was stumbling drunkenly down the red carpet, vomiting in the street at 9 AM, and pissing herself during a show. In 2015, in the midst of this, she released a second album, "Because It's There." It was absolutely terrible, with lazy songwriting and raspy singing. Her label dropped her, and she slinked off to Prospect.

And then, in mid-2018, she released a new album. "Siren Song" debuted to positive critical and listener reviews, with Rolling Stone calling it "a layered and eclectic meditation on addiction and its aftermath." Like her first album, it charted, along with two singles ("Key to My Heart" and "After the Storm"). Although she's popped up in the tabloids here and there, mostly for allegedly cheating on her city councilman boyfriend, she seems to actually be doing well and staying clean this time.

Full Name: Simone Blake

Born: June 15, 1988 in Prospect, CA

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Voice Instructor

Race: Demon

House: Defiler

Faction: Faustian

Celestial Name: Amasiel, Song of Breaking Waves

Notable Stats

Appearance 5
Charisma 5
Strength 1

Empathy 4
Expression (Songwriting) 4
Performance (Singing) 5

Eminence 1
Fame 4
Legacy 4

Banality 5

Enchanting Voice

Spirit Sight and Dual Perception

True Love

Cannot Enter Holy Ground

Defiler Faustian

RP Hooks

Fame 4: If you're even sort of familiar with pop music or celebrity culture, you know Simone's name and appearance. Probably also what her nipples look like, after that one drunken fall at the People's Choice Awards.

Music Lessons: Simone teaches voice at a small local academy, and also offers private lessons to dedicated students. Most are older teenagers or young adults, but she'll teach anyone who is sufficiently serious.

Demon: Amasiel, member of the Silver Legion, made a small name for herself during the War. The minor mortal flock that she and several others watched over invariably came into conflict with equally small bands of loyalist humans, and her favored tactic was to use her voice to terrify and demoralize the enemy.

Fae: Though she has no fae mein, Simone wears chimerical jewelry bearing the seal of the Barony of the Ebon Watchtower.


  • Beaches: Simone is a regular at the local beaches, and participates in monthly beach cleanups.
  • Prospect: Simone grew up in Prospect, in fact. Maybe you knew her before she was (in)famous. These days, she spends a lot of time hanging around Steamed and Hammered and Off the Record.
  • Los Angeles: She spent nearly a decade in Los Angeles. Perhaps you met.


Balance: One of my best friends. He's been through too much, though.

Conn: Seems nice enough.

Emrick: Really helpful guy. And he wasn't kidding about making instruments hard to destroy.

Ethan: My other best friend. Great guy. The glass eating is a little unsettling, though.

Hardy: I don't know what his deal is, but his talent is incredible.

Jenny: A little strange, but I'm happy to have her.

Joel: A good man, but frustrating. He understands humanity's potential but stubbornly refuses to see the whole picture.

Kylie: I should be offended, but it's probably a good thing that someone this paranoid is watching out for Wick.

Larry: My beautiful, beloved Amanita. I can't even begin to say how much he means to me.

Robin Belle: Ugh, he's a Reconciler, isn't he?

Roger: Seems to have bad taste in potential thralls. Oh well, at least he's not a Reconciler.

Wick: Kind of the little brother I never had. He's so sensitive, though. I hope nothing crushes him.



"Bird Set Free," Sia

"Pompeii," Bastille

"Never Let Me Go," Florence + the Machine


"Chandelier," Sia


"Entre Ciel et Mer," Sleepthief


"Supervixen," Garbage


"Bedroom Hymns," Florence + the Machine


Mortals I... it's complicated.
Vampires Poor things.
Willworkers Are any of these guys not arrogant jackasses?
Ghosts Dead humans have got to be the single least threatening thing in all of Creation.
Fae If only I could remember...
Shifters I'm assuming the Sixth House had something to do with this.
Luciferans I admire your faith in our former leader. I wish I could share it.
Cryptics Not my area of expertise or interest, but I'm glad someone's tackling this.
Raveners I understand the temptation all too well.
Reconcilers Pathetic. And why is siding with the enemy viewed as acceptable in polite company?
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