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“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”

“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.”
― Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

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Mage Those that can warp reality? What will they do to creatures like me?
Vampire In the pursuit of a love that didn't love me back, I fell into this world. It's not as glamorous as it seems, but I can use it to my advantage.
Werewolf I've never met one, but I heard they are not our friends. If they threaten me of anyone I care about, they won't forget it.
Mortal To everyone, this is what I appear to be. I just stand out amongst the crowd.
Changeling Even though it was hundreds of years ago, I grew up hearing stories of these creatures. It's hard to believe they really exist. Yet, it's hard to believe many things exist.

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Jolene--The light of my life and the hearth that sets my heart aflame. I thought fate would only wish us to be friends and nothing more, but your declaration has changed me and given me hope on a level I never thought possible. In time, I will honor you properly. For now, I will love you like no other man could. You will live within me forever. You've always lived within me forever. I will never let the pain sweep through again.

Renata--When I saw you, I thought I saw my future. Sadly, it was just a reminder of my failed past. I am not sure what has detained you but now I think that history has repeated itself. Maybe, it's time to break the cycle.

Aurelia--I cannot stress just how very sorry I am, but, I will need to tell you the truth. You brought me happiness and you brought me many things, but my heart belongs to another. You symbolize my pain and regret. I can never apologize enough.

Arya--You appear to make my associate happy. I will never understand many things about you but, perhaps after so much time has passed, we can work together?

Madeline--Respected and feared. Those of the rose are widely known for their beauty and love of it. You are known for other virtues.

Silvana--I wish you would smile more. Such a pretty face. I think you hold back at times and then others, you don't. Laugh and enjoy life. You share a different perspective than most. I also now consider you such an important friend. Thank you for standing by my side.

Jax--I regret we have not had much time to discuss politics. I hope you remember our brief meeting and I hope we can work together more in the future.

Serafina--I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. In return for your kindness, I offer you my friendship. However, there may be more to you than what I realize.

Basilisk--A very, odd creature, if she is even a creature? She seems kind but I have no idea what she is. Perhaps I should find out.

Myria--I look forward to learning more about you.

Kait--Brujah, sad there is no one to educate you of our ways, and many claim you have yet to be trusted. I wish you the best if you are truly our friend.

Vegard--A dedicated business man. He also appreciates what I have to say. I look forward to a profitable working relationship.

Sentinel--I thank you for your love and support. I've never had a sister before and while I do not see eye to eye with someone you love, I appreciate you getting me through the night that was one of the hardest ones I ever had to endure. With you and Silvana and my empire, I shall make it through anything.

Alisandra--Trying the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I have seen many. I wonder what makes her so stunning?

Hailee--Gorgeous locks of gold and a dancer of the rose no doubt. There is also so much more to her. I find myself sworn to look out for her safety and security. Yet trouble seems to be attracted to her. I must stay on my guard.

Monday--I hope I have taught her how a real gentleman treats a lady so she can find more pride within herself. Have confidence flaxen haired one.

Morgan--Poor soul. She has suffered so much. I might not be the best one to offer you solace, but if you need me, my friend, I am here.

Liesl--A true friend who is an inspiration to the world and when she dances, a story is told older than time.

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Combine Gatsby, Barnabus Collins, chivalry, and add in a typical businessman and you have Stefhan. From the Victorian era, few really know of his past but, that's why the masquerade exists, doesn't it? You never know what other secrets others may keep.

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Notable Stats

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Merit of Note
Blush of Health
Other Things
Mega Rich Ventrue

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RP Hooks
Business--Being a Ventrue (and one that keeps this side of him secret) he is often about business including investments and expansions. He lives at Cybotrek where he can always keep an eye on things.

Arts--While he isn't much of an artist himself, he seems to admire those who are and enjoys watching dancers especially.

Broken Hearts--A very long time ago he fell in love with a blonde woman, Heather, who he never forgot. Decades later, he fell in love with one of Heather's descendants, and since Alesha returned his love, her untimely death left him devastated. Then over 100 years later he fell in love with Arya but their breakup has left him devastated. Since much time has passed since their separation, he has healed but deep down inside he cannot forget the experience. While he may consider dating again, he seems to take romantic love seriously. Due to his experiences, he has developed a bit of a softer heart for anyone dealing with romantic tragedies as well.

Friendships--Unlike most businessmen, he seems to take his 'true' friendships seriously. However, some who he once thought were real friends turned out to be more concerned about their agenda, at least in his eyes. Regardless, if he feels he made a true bond with someone, he would do just about anything for that person.

Action/Intrigue--He's not much for hand to hand combat, but if something intrigues him there's a chance he will get involved to resolve many situations, or find someone who can.

Territorial--He does that the territorial flaw which conflicts with his gentlemanly nature many times. Likely comes from being a successful businessman.

Disclaimer: I love to find good rp, but I abide by at least three rules 1. RL always comes first. I will try to dedicate time and make effort for good scenes, but RL always comes first and I will try to remember that for those I rp with as well. If RL snags anyone, I also remember the importance of communication. Communicating can solve a lot of problems! 2. OOC and IC are different worlds. This character is a unique one for me to rp, but it's not a 'recreation' of who I am oocly. The game and the real world are two different things. I appreciate those who can understand that. 3. Since RL comes first it has me busy so if I invest time in something, please be respectful and don't waste my time either. I apologize if that sounds a bit sharp, but just the way I feel. If I do make plans, I try to follow through with them (RL willing) and I deeply appreciate those who can do the same.

And I love to rp! Page at anytime.

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His true dream for the future.


An image of himself from the past.


NPC Women from the past.


His childhood sweetheart haunted him for the rest of his life. Growing up together, he yearned to marry her but being from a poorer background she choose another wealthy man to marry. Her rejection led him down the path to become Ventrue, but very few, if any, kindred know the real story.


Years later, he fell in love with one of Heather's descendants and unlike her great grandmother, she did return his love. Her untimely death also scarred him for life.


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