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Information Hooks
A native of the city of Cleveland she moved here in her junior year of college. She attends U of P on a dance scholarship. Very social and outgoing she is a bundle of energy. Frequent visits to her favorite coffee shop Prospect Roasters may have something to do with that. U of P - If you teach or attend maybe you met

Carnegie theater - Performed there briefly in a ballet production

Beach - Who doesn't love the California beaches? She is there often

Not for 99 - Biker bar she waitressed at until business dropped off. There may be some racey pictures of her posted there.

Teatro di Sofferenza - Performed here once. Lingered at the bar quite a few times.

Contacts RP
Phil - I saw your little man!

Eloise - Yours is bigger than Phil's.

Penny - I will find that card!

DeSean - What a generous guy. Hopefully I'll impress him.

Gar - Nice guy. Confusing relationships.

Ignacio - I miss him. Weird that I always craved hot dogs when he was around.

Chastity - Thanks for the beating!

April - Cool chick with a dorm room down the hall from mine.

Boaz - You really don't think my boobs are big enough?

Arkady - I never know from one day to the next.

Gray - It takes a little bit to warm up to him but I think it's worth the effort.

Sheltark - I can stop any time I want! Can too!

Fenton - Did that count as a three way?

Weorran - Nicest prostitute I ever met.

Vega - Aloof, smooth and in charge.

If you have to fill the entire screen with every pose, stop it. You're not as clever as you think you are.

If you pose one line every time, stop it. No one thinks you're clever.

If you pose repeatedly ignoring or being oblivious to your surroundings I'm not going to make a huge effort to interact with you. I will meet you half way.

RP Logs