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I stand between the darkness and the light and I won't fall.


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Mage "Too late I realize most aren't really trying to change the world.

To the trads We gave them a chance " lots of chances, actually. They blew us off, so fuck 'em. We got a new ball and we're playing a new game."

Changeling "Can't say I've ever talked at length to one. Still in a world where the impossible is possible then they probably exist."
Mortal "Most aren't worth the time they are happy with what they have and don't seek anything greater. Still there is no reason not to help when I can."
Vampire "Now that I have gotten to know a few, well they aren't so bad. Plus that kiss thing oh yes give me more."
Werewolf "They don't like me and that's fine. I am more than happy to avoid them and their sacred places, I have my own Nodes thanks."
Demon "What is it like to be able to offer Ascension to a entire Race. I can do it and I will. Those who know me I stand by as allies as do other Family."

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  • Erzsebet - My heart and soul are yours. Let the rest burn for all I care.
  • Kriem - A sister of my soul, I'm sure your taking a trip around the world or something. I miss you.
  • Aine - A old and true friend. I will stand by your side always.
  • Ayden - I'm glad you got yourself together. Just be careful.
  • Monday - A sweet girl and my student. I hope you'll choose our side but it's all about choice.
  • Leesa - She respects and I think loves my Erz. I see unlimited potential in you, I hope you do as well.


  • Vervane - A strange turn of events when you feel like you owe me. Your music inspired me in my darkest days. The closer we become the more I want you in my are so close to being Family.
  • Phil - Always a compelling guy, really a shame that friends is probably all we'll ever be.
  • Eloise - Kind and a gentle soul. She helped me out early on and I wouldn't forget it.
  • Erin - So cute and oh my what a mouth on that girl, so adorable.


  • Corbin - You have so fucked with the wrong person. You laughed but I'll show you the power of the awakened.
  • Sam - You betrayed me, you are so lucky I'm not like I was in the older days. You'll walk away with your life but don't come near me again.

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How many of us get a chance get a fresh start to go back to a state of innocence? Alisha has gotten such a chance through very unfortunate means but she survived. Reduced back to the state of an Idealistic young woman who can correct the mistakes of the past or make new ones. A chance to see her Vision come true of empowering those who have no power to change the world for better.

At least that was her when she first came to Prospect. Now Destined for greatness she struggles to find a place the Hollow Ones and their allies can call home. When she returned back from New Orleans a second time she is very changed person. No longer meekly taking insults from people she stands tall. She holds her Family close while still helping others. That is in the past now. Erzsebet and her have moved any from the city never to grace Prospect again.

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Alisha Lubeau

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Race: Mage
Full Name: Alisha Klaussenburg-Lubeau
Apparent Age: late teenages
Date of Birth: October 31, 1993(yes it's her real birthday, what?)
Height: 5'6"
Nationality: American
Demeanor: Visionary
Tradition: Hollow One, like there is any other real tradition!

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RP Hooks

Philanthropist and champion of the neglected:

Alisha has a lot of money and is more than happy to see it go to good causes. Have a charity or a cause that your character is in need of funding feel free to ask.

Everything I do is for Family:

Any Hollow One or allies of the Hollow Ones can ask her for anything and she'll try her best to make it happen.

It's the only real goth club in this town:

Alisha owns a brand new club Angels Descent, a sister club to her one in New Orleans Angels Ascent. It will be on the grid soonish I swear, for now want to go page or mail me.

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  • The Cruxshadows - Birthday [[1]]
  • The Birthday Massacre - Science [[2]]
  • Rosetta stone - leave me for dead [[3]]

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Notable Stats
Alisha Lubeau/Notable Stats

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