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"The key to a woman's heart is hidden in her playlist."
Hermione Anna Everdeen

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Dov - (NPC) My ghoul. My retainer. My protector. My friend. A chance meeting, a long look across a crowded room, a demand to know more. It all led to where we are now and I wouldn't change it for anything. Perhaps there is one thing I would change...



Shiori - Such a beautiful person, inside and out. Azrael's daughter.

Jolene - She is incredibly sweet. I am so happy to see her again. My Primogen.

Madeline - Lovely, beautiful, graceful, warm. She is the epitome of Toreador. What's not to adore?

Brice - My past. And now he is once again in my life in some capacity. How long will you stay?

Amelie - I wish I knew her more, she certainly seems to be an incredible person.

Non Toreador

Detroit - Hey you! You're cool, I never knew you could dance. That was fun! Where is it going?

Vegard - Helpful and informative, loves music, the heavy metal kind. I will take his advice to heart and do what I can to learn. He's one of the most honest people I know. If he tells me something as a friend, I am going to listen. If he tells me something as my Prince, I will listen. He is a great leader, a great friend and an amazing singer and dancer. What's not to admire?

Arya - Vegard's wife, she's beautiful and wears the nicest dresses.

Sentinel - A position and a name. I like you, you're fun to talk to.

Silvana - Quiet and keeps mostly to herself. Finally, she loosened up at the amusement park. I had a lot of fun. Glad to call her friend no matter where she goes.


Sebastian - Amusing, very fun to hang around with but he seems to like to break the rules. Still, he likes to play around and be as wacky and weird as I sometimes am. I enjoy your brand of trouble. (Retired)

Leon - He's a great dancer, just keep us both away from Bluegrass! (Retired?)

Azrael B. - He has all of the charm of a Toreador and all of the beauty. His accent, when he uses it, makes me melt. We shared so much and now we share nothing. (Retired?)

Prince SeneShane - Seems like a good guy, he was warm and welcoming my first night in the city. He's quite a competent leader, I trust him. He's impressed me. I hope you're well! Miss your face! All of them! :P

Stefhan - Ventrue, he's smart, a business owner, charming. I consider him a friend and family.

Valus - My friend, my world. He knew me before everything. I miss him and I hope he is happy where he is. Oh how I miss him.

Kait - Has a disrespectful mouth on her. Can't say I appreciate that much.

Silvester - How very clever you think you are. Good riddance.

LittleA - I really liked her, she's really smart. Really smart.

Desmond - Cat in the hat. Or wait, Cat hat. Thanks for the fun, it was great.

Mathias - He's pretty old I think. Polite and brief.

Nicolas - No one has the right to look that good. Still, you belong to another. There are boundaries I won't cross.

JD - So glad he took Arthur in. He's going to help him more than I ever could.

Jax - Trustworthy, capable and determined. I like the combination.

Arthur Fairchild - I'm glad he's found his clan. I wonder what happened to him?

Adele - Troubled but so kind, so generous, at times moody, but she has been through a lot and I consider her one of my friends.

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Haileeefrombrice.jpg Haileeefrommadeline.jpg Haileeanklet.jpg Haileeebear.jpg Haileepainting.png


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Hailee Inara Brooks

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Race: Vampire
Full Name: Hailee Inara Brooks
Date of Birth: August 05
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Clan: Toreador
Demeanor: Caregiver
Nature: Confidant
Faction: Camarilla
Apparent Age: Late teens
Real Age 23
Height: 5'2"

Cam3red.png Tor1onyx.png

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” -David Carradine

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RP Hooks
* A fairly new vampire, not much older than her apparent age.

* Detroit, MI is her hometown.

* Singing is her passion.

* Loves to dance

* Toreador, she appreciates beauty and that includes art and Appearance 5.

* Loves to read and to play online games.

* Former model, she made a name for herself then bowed out after her embrace. She's been laying low since.

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Notable Stats


Youthful Appearance


Blush of Health
Eat Food
Way With Words
Enchanting Voice
Soothing Voice











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Hbpoke34.png Haileeeminecraftskin.jpg Haileee.jpg Haileediablo.jpg

Hailee's Pokemon Go, Minecraft Skin, Avatar, Diablo III

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Books and Things
Some of Hailee's favorites:

Haileebook5.jpg Haileebook1.jpg Haileebook3.jpg Haileebook8.jpeg

Haileebook6.jpg Haileebook7.jpg Dusk You'll Be Fine.PNG Haileebook4.jpeg

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Hailee5.jpg Hailee2.jpg Hailee3.jpg Hailee8.jpg Hailee432.jpg

Hailee6.jpg Hailee7.jpg Hailee1.jpg Hailee4.jpg Hailee9.jpg Hailee543.jpg Hailee657.jpg

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