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<center>'''Cunning'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} '''Infamy'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} '''Power'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} </center>
<center>'''Cunning'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} '''Infamy'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} '''Power'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} </center>
<center>'''Cunning'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|5}} '''Infamy'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|3}} '''Power'''  {{dots|5}}{{dots|0}} </center>

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Character Description

Somewhere in his mid to late 20's, a few inches over six feet tall with a willowy, athletic physique, Hamish keeps his auburn hair short enough and styled for business standards, with just enough length to reach his eyes and show a little curl at ears and neck. His eyes are a light sky blue and set over high cheekbones and a straight nose dusted in freckles, occasionally with a pair of thin, gold rimmed glasses perched there. His complexion is on the pale side and he has a seemingly endless supply of charming smiles. He takes care of his appearance and cares about how he looks day to day, always clean and well groomed with a hint of some fine smelling perfume oil.
Fashion-wise, Hamish tends towards the expensive, designer and tailored, often going for suits or a business-casual look, with a touch of colorful flare. That said, he has a real thing for playing dress-up and is likely to dress appropriately for any occasion or venue. He has no piercings and doesn't wear much in the way of visible jewelry outside of some expensive watch on his wrist. He does have a prominent tattoo of a bat's face under a moon spanning the front of his throat. Its large ears sweep up under the line of his jaw towards his ears, its vicious face over his light Adam's Apple with fangs and forked tongue running down his trachea. It disappears completely at times by the cunning application of makeup.
'Hamish is under the effects of the Gift: Ubermensch Humans dealing with the character will immediately pick him out as more desirable, attractive, smarter or more charismatic compared to those around them, regardless of their actual capacity in such matters. The Curse still applies, but rather than being instinctively feared as a predator, the werewolf is dreaded as an intimidating figure of great presence.' Depending on what you are, this might apply during RP.

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