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Name[1]: Victoria Sky Rasmussen
Sobriquet: Vic
Handles[2]: an3ris, Gumptious Gal, l'Orgine de l'Amour, Miss Peacock, The Inheritor, The Lady of Paris
Alias[3]: Victoria Scirocco Johnsen[4]
Physical Descriptors[5]
Height: 165.1cm (5'5")
Weight: 55kg (121.25lbs)
Build Slender but fit
Ethnicity: Mixed (Philippine & Euro-Caucasian)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Jade Green
Apparent Age: Twenty-something
Social Descriptors
True DoB[6]: June 1st, 1991
Alt ID DoB: August 20th, 1998 (22)
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Virtual Adepts[7]
Status: Stranger in a Strange Land
Played By: Isa Briones
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Notable Stats
Appearance FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngEgrdot.png
Perception FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngEgrdot.png
Intelligence FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngEgrdot.png
Wits FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngEgrdot.png

Computer FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Computer Hacking FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Computer Programming FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Linguistics FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Arete FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Data FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png Entropy FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png Forces FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Life FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png Matter FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png Mind FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Prime FLimedot.pngFLimedot.png Spirit FLimedot.png Time FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png

Merits: Acute Vision, Time Sense
Flaws: Anachronism, Illegal Immigrant

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  1. This is her birth name which doesn't have a legal record in this world
  2. These are online aliases. If you haven't seen these on MUSH please do not assume you've heard them being used.
  3. These are offline aliases.
  4. Yhis is an official Alternate ID background which is backed up by a trait on her +sheet.
  5. Description Text: The woman you are looking at is about average in height, standing five-foot-five when barefoot, and has a figure that is both fit and slender at the same time. Her shoulder-length, chocolate-brown hair has rainbow under dye that occasionally shows in flashes when she moves her head and her hair swishes; it is currently worn loose in waves framing her face. Her pale jade green, almond-shaped eyes gaze at the world from beneath thin and highly expressive brown brows. Her oval-shaped face is further defined by an aquiline nose, high cheekbones and a narrow chin below her thin lips which have a peaked Cupid's bow shape while her complexion has a pale golden tan cast to it. (You can see her wardrobe at her Gallery)
  6. This date is from her alternate universe, as it was 2012 there when she was accidentally transported to this world there is an eight (8) year offset in her age.
  7. While Vic has been accepted into this world's Virtual Adepts, she is not natively a member of that group as in her world there are some (minor to significant) social and technological differences.
  8. 8.0 8.1 This is referring to IC interactions naturally
  9. The changes to this are a clarification more than a true change in attitude.