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Party at Amberlee's
M+ mixer
IC Date February 16th 2018
IC Time Evening
Players Amberlee, Wilder, Branton, Jasen, Alexander, Antonio, Mitzi, Morgan, Lilian Handover, Denise, River, Seth
Location Amberlee's house
Prp/Tp None.
Spheres M+
Theme Song x

Alexander is wearing a speedo with a towel over his shoulder, as if ready for a swim. Thouh the more perceptive might note an uncomfortably intense lingering gaze as each enters, but he quickly enough moves on to.. mingle.

Tony wanders out of the house with Alexander, actually having pulled on some black pants over his briefs. He has a dark blue shirt, and a colorful beach towel over his shoulder. Grinning at the amount of people in the yard, he heads over to where Wilder is preparing the food.

Lilian comes in a bathaning suit, looks like a one peice with some sheer top over it, and some loose light sort of wrap pants in a lovely pattern of the colors of the ocean. Her hair is up in a messy sort of bun and she has a large Sak purse in deep blue over one shoulder. There is a look about for faces she knows, then a "Hello, new here...is this the place for the mixer party adverted at the Coffee Club?"

Amberlee, as host, is dressed down a little bit. Well, she's still wearing a bathing suit and there's really no way to HIDE some of her.. um.. assets.. but it's a one piece and she's fully covered and she's got a wrap around her hips. She's even wearing flip flops. The two people at the door point partiers around the side where the gate has been opened. There's a sign at the bar that says 'More than two drinks, leave your keys'. Amberlee is just coming out from inside with a little umbrella drink in hand, wandering over to check on the food before she spots people starting to arrive. "Oh! Hi. Welcome. Come on in."

OOC: Everyone here tonight is assumed to be a Sorcerer/Psychic or POSSIBLY mage. Maybe. If you show up and are something other than that, please page me to work out what's up. There is no security, exactly. Word is spread by word of mouth via NPCs, and there's a posting in Raoster's basement for those who might go there.

Mortal: The back yard is THUMPIN'. The neighbors have been bribed with food and booze to ignore the goings on. There's background music that ranges from old country to acid metal, but quiet enough that it's easily ignored and there's a laptop set up to put in requests the playlist. There's an open bar up against the house, fully stocked with whatever you could want. Pool is open (and heated) Jacuzzi is open and bubbling. The outdoor kitchen is hot and cookin' things up. Hammocks are empty and swaying in the breeze. The garden is beautiful. Tables and chairs have been scattered around everywhere for people to sit and mingle, wait for food, have conversations, etc. etc.

Dreaming: For those who can see it, this is a lively place! Little satyrs and dryads chase each other about over the slightly pink-tinged pool, frolicking, occasionally doing things that no proper chimera would do in mixed company. The grilling area is covered in little fluffy fat piggies who drool over chimerical food being served by a rather hoity toity French-looking gentleman with green skin, pink hair, and a comically large handlebar moustache. The place is alive, active, and the general aura of the place embodies most of the seven deadly sins: Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Envy, with Sloth and Wrath taking a backseat, but not completely missing.

Umbra Shadowlands: The Shadowlands and Umbra are just about what you would expect. Fairly high tech as far as Umbra goes. Nothing out of the ordinary. And the place is a little too new for the Shadowlands to really grab hold.

Tray 1: Grilled snapper with a Salsa Roja sauce - Charred tomatoes and vegetables help sweeten up the smokey flavor of the salsa roja to compliment the taste of the grilled snapper. (5 Success)

Tray 2: Grilled baby artichokes with Aleppo pepper and Parmesan (7 Success)

Tray 3: Grilled Halloumi with Watermelon and Basil-mint Oil. (11 Success)

Tray 4: Grilled clams with Lemon-Shallot Butter (8 Success)

Home Made Ice cream with both THC infused and normal toppings. (10 Success)

Morgan smiles and offers a smile to Amberlee as she finally arrives still not completely familar with the area, so it has taken her a little longer to find her way. She is dressed in a sparkling black one piece bathing suit with a ruffle skirt, and clutching to a matching black towel. She is dressed maybe a little more convertative than the others. It is her first party she has ever been invited to here and well actually her first party and she definitely looks unsure of herself not sure if she quite belongs tonight, but as she enters she does offer a warm hug to Amberlee. "Thank you for the invitation Amberlee."

Branton grins as he comes around the back pushing a dolly with a keg on it with a box of a half dozen liquor bottles being carried by Jasen as they make their way carefully along. He hears Lilian's question, not being too far behind her "That it is. Hostess is that lady over there. My name is Branton, or Bringer-of-Booze. This is my pal Jasen."

Alexander is all about the clams, and snags a couple before the party gets in gear. (Even if he has to steal them from the tray before it makes it all the way out.) Despite the uncomfortably intense gaze, he smiling, happy, and enjoying the party. Morgan! He nows her, and some of that intensity softens a moment. "Hey, good to see you again." He does remain relatively near the entrance as people come in.

Denise slowly looks through the gate, and peers inside. She is unsure who she will know here, save for Amberlee. She is feeling timid at the moment.

Jasen makes his way VERY carefully along, eyes on the ground in front of him and a slow pace, yet he still manages to find something to trip over. Fortunately he avoids slamming into the ground glass first, but it's a near miss! The bottles are not new and the colored liquid inside don't match any of the labels. Probably some home made hooch.

Near the grill Wilder could be found, The man dressed for work at the moment and finishing up putting the last of the grilled foods onto trays. The man checking over the servings one last time before he is heading for the bar near the pool.

Amberlee hears hostess and she lifts her head, waving in a general sort of direction. She spots Branton and waves a little more directly, motioning him on up as she wanders toward Alexander, giving him a little pat on the booty. "Thanks for hanging out tonight," she tells him, looking around, looking PLEASED. Morgan gets a smile and she wanders off to greet her, giving her a quick hug, then Denise as well. "Come on up. Come in. Take a load off. Once everyone's here and Wilder can get a break, we'll do some sort of official kind of thing."

Lilian says, "Thank you" to Amberlee, "I am Lilian, what should I call you?" then noticing Mrogan and giving her a wave. "I see some people here I know," with a smile. "And great place here.""

Branton stops his wheeling and reaches down to help Jasen up as he waves back at Amberlee. Then he says to Jasen "Lets get these over to the refreshment table and set up yeah?"

"Oh, I'm Amberlee. That over there is Wilder. This sexy hunk is Alex. Tony's around here.. somewhere.." She looks around for her favorite boy and points him out. "There's Denise and Branton and some clumsy fellow with him who I've just named Dropsy." She points people out here and there, but a lot of the faces are unfamiliar to her as well. This isn't a bad thing

Denise walks in further toward Amberlee and returns her quick hug. She begins to smile and takes in all the names being given.

Tony helps out Wilder as he can, then makes his way over to where Alex and Amberlee are, dropping his chin down on Amberlee's shoulder as she greets people, and giving them a bright smile.

"I do not have fish scale fungus!" Jasen announces when named Dropsy, getting the case of bottles set on the refreshment table without dying, somehow. "Fuck me, yeah I could use a drink." he agrees to Branton when it comes to getting himself set up.

Morgan can't help but smile warmly at all the faces she knows here, and then smiles warmly at Alexander as he greets her too, offering him a hug too. "So good to see you again too Alex, And Lilian too!" She sniffs the air, "And the smell of that food can only mean Wilder is cooking!" She was worried about not being comfortable here, but when her friends welcome her, familar faces that make her smile that worry goes out the window and she laughs at Amberlee's introductions.

Lilian blushes when Wilder is pointed out, "I know him, he makes wonderful breakfast." as she smiles then moves to Morgan, "I brought some stuff for entertainment later if you want some naumbers ran." as she heads to Morgan, "HEy Morgan!"

Amberlee shrugs slightly at Jasen, reaching behind her to pet Antonio on the head and give him a little affectionate scritch. "You MIGHT. I don't know. We're a funky mixed bag lot around these parts. I knew a guy who just sort of oozed snot everywhere." She reaches behind her to put Antonio's hands on her hips and clears her throat. "If everyone's in and getting food, let's get a round of intros. Everyone here is, or damn well better be, a sorcerer or psychic or maybe even a mage, if you're not ungodly powerful. And if you ARE that, no offense, but get out. Anyway, I'm Amberlee Fister. My primary skill is enchantment crafting, but I can do a little sleight of hand and teleportation in a pinch. I've been in town off and on for the last few years and got tired of looking for people and finding no one. So here I am. Here you are. Let's find out what we can do and how we can help each other."

Branton grins and nods as he gets the keg set up and the hand cart out of the way "Sure you don't Dropsy. Which of those is least likely to blind a guy?" Then Amberlee calls for introductions "Branton Kholer, Wild Talent Pyrokinetic, Enchanter, Elementalist, and meta-magician. I also am a craftsman of bespoke ritual tools and custom implements. I'll leave business cards by the keg. Shocktop Honey Crisp Apple Wheat."

Alexander slides his eyes around the group as they give out introductions, holding on to the ends of his towel over his shoulder as he finishes up his clam. "I won't get into a lot of details, but I'm Alexander Ataia. Mr Ataia to troublemakes that I throw over the wall. Alex to the troublemakers that make the party fun."

The teenager speaks up when Alexander does, "I'm Antonio Brussard, but most folks just calls me Tony. I'm an Alchemist. Still learnin' about other stuff, 'n interested in making things the most, so wanna learn more about how." He shrugs his thin shoulders then, the boy not having a lot of experience behind him yet to speak about.

"Yeah um.. Pretty much none of it." Jasen says with a light shrug at which thing is likely to blind someone, "Pretty sure it should all come with a warning label." He pours himself a glass of purple engine degreaser. "Jasen Flay, rat wizard. Mostly I do alchemy and get along with sewer and alley terrors. Lesser credentials are night club owner and janitor. Oh and linguist, all them dead and weird languages. So, you know, if anyone needs something annoying translated..."

Wilder moves on the bar after those last things are tended to, The man finding himself a drink before he starts to wander towards the house already undoing his jacket. The tall glass in his hand looking to be filled with some form of darker liquor raised to the gathering, "Wilder.. Just wilder works..I um.. Enchant.. do that telepathetic thing.." The man's mention of telepathy though jokingly given does seem serious as he shrugs, "Oh and I cooked the food so yeah.. Anyways gonna go get changed since this isn't a naked party.." A pause is given and he blinks peering around, "It isn't right?" After a moment his head just shakes and he begins to wander towards the house as he mutters to himself, "Course not they're all clothed.."

Lilian looks to Morgan, then the others, "Wow I feel underpowered. I am Lilian, and I am an oracle, I can predict about anything sometimes even years out. That is really my only power, one of the most accurate precogs in the world. Oh and well I am tought to keep down." with a shrug. "naked is fine on you Wilder."

Amberlee grins at Wilder and shakes her head. "Not yet. That's later." She chuckles and turns her head to murmur something to Antonio there behind her, and Alex by extension while people continue to introduce themselves. Seems most people are dressed in swimwear for the heated pool. (See objects in the room for details)

Tony murmurs back to Amberlee, then smiles to the others around, those huge eyes seeming /just/ a little shy as they all seem so much more advanced and smart.

Morgan takes a deep breath to steady herself as she doesn't often talk about what she can do, only a few here know of her gifts, "My name is Morgan, and..I am a bit of a telepath, psychometrist and I see and hear spirits all the time. So umm.. if I tell you to shut up for any reason that seems out of the ordinary, I am probably talking to one of my imaginary friends you can't see?" She tries to smile to ligthten up the mood. "I absolutely adore those of you I have become friends with so far. I work at the University teaching Archaeology."

Seth shoots Lilian a look. "Not something I needed to know, but hey, you do you." All nice and casual. "I'm Seth Pope, I pick stocks for a living, and I dabble in telepathy and telekinesis. Among other things."

Mitzi walks in with Seth, she smiles at all of the introductions. She whispers something to Seth. She looks around the terrace with new eyes.

Jasen limps about near the tables, getting some grub on a plate and stepping over things that don't actually exist on the physical plane. "Fuck you, pork pie, these's my eats." he says to nothing. He has imaginary friends too, apparently. He came entirely under prepared for swimming though, just in his usual gutter punk attire of 'stuff that should be thrown away and replaced'. "I have no idea what most of this is." he says, but appears to be enjoying the crap out of it anyhow. He gives a chin-up nod to Alchemy Bro Tony.

"Okay! So we've got precogs and post cogs and oracles and enchanters, and scaly fish fungi, mediums, firestarters and more!" Amberlee looks thrilled. "I guess I should have mentioned that I'm a procurer of goods and services. If you want something, I can probably get it if you have enough money or something to trade." She claps her hands together lightly. "Okay, so before we devolve into just 'Friendly Party' status, does anyone have any questions, any comments? Need anything as far as powers and learning go? We can work to get you set up with someone. Any more introductions we need?"

Jasen blurts, "MY SCALES ARE SO CLEAN! *So* clean."

Morgan looks up at Seth as he introduces himself, smiling warmly at him, and biting her lip, and smiles at Mitzi as well, but doesn't introduce Amberlee, and she giggles at Jasen. And here she thought she might be crazy. She just slips off her scandals and sets her towel down by the pool, before testing the water with her toes and letting her feet hang over the edge as she sits down.

Lilian smiles and moves to Give Morgan a hug, "Nice to see you, but I also need to say hi to Wilder, or well...hug, kisses, or a slap on his ass." with a look to the food. "Then again food...oh food. Want a drink, should we load up." then to the words of their Hostess, "Well that is interesting, though I am glad just to meet others similar to myself." with a look to the young Alchemist, and nod.

Mitzi smiles at Amberlee, and she goes ahead and introduces herself,"I'm Dr. Mitzi de Rosales, psychiatrist. I recently learned about my skills on Telepathy, and I'm still working on them... I don't know if I have other skills."

Alexander snaps his towel at Amberlee, or Tony, or both.. hard to tell while they're so standing so close together, before tossing his towel over a chair and jumping into the pool. Hey Morgan? You eed to learn to commit to having fun. SPLASH!

It takes about ten minutes before Wilder returns, The man coming back out of the house in pair of dark board shorts. The tattooed flesh of his form left mostly and largely exposed with the exception of where modesty is lended by the shorts.

Morgan laughs as Alexander splashes her and for a moment hesitates, until she thinks about it, and dives into the pool to splash him! "HEY!!! You are so going to get it Alex!"

Tony gives a thumbs up to Jasen, but then starts at being popped by Alex. He grins though, and covers his face from the splash.

Branton gets himself a plate of food, particularly the fancy cheese with the basil oil on it "But you do have scales Jasen. Or at least you will once your armor's finished."

Denise had to step out for some emergency phone call. She wanders back inside and sees even more people than before.

Lilian gets some food and a drink and finds a place to dip her feet into the pool with a grin at the antics. The spotting Wilder, "Hi Wilder."

Mitzi walks over to Amberlee,"I have many questions, but I don't know if there are answers. How did we get these abilities? What do we do with them? It seems like there should be a purpose." She sees Denise and she blinks in surprise,"Denise? I didn't expect you here."

Amberlee is popped too! Alex has good aim. She glares, but then grins and just gives him a booty grope and wanders off toward Wilder to mingle, but stops to see Mitzi briefly. "That's probably a little more difficult to answer than we have time for tonight. I'm actually considering getting a group together to teach the noobs, though, if that helps any."

Denise shrugs to Mitzi. "I did not expect to see you here. Granted I do not go to the book club all that often. Only.." she counts on her hand thinking a moment, "four times."

"I'm looking forward to it," Jasen tells Branton while taking possession of a seat by sorta just falling into it, awkwardly scooching it into the sun while trying to avoid spilling plate or glass. Once positioned to where it's not directly blasting him in the eyes, he sucks in a breath, holds it for a second, and after a moment's red blushing goes full body, his skin ripples, segments and hardens out into small scales. Nothing terribly pretty, just a drab brownish greenish. "Ha, beatcha, now I *do* have scales. Which are SUPER clean and not even moldy!"

River makes her way into the backyard, and blinks as she sees all the people. It is a good bet her hug reflex goes into spasim as she sees so many faces she knows and deciding who to tackle hug first becomes almost impossible. Kind o0f like a dog at a motorway deciding which car to chase first.

Alexander backstrokes away from that side of the pool in a lazy fashion, grinning as Morgan joins him, with a glance over toward where Jasen does his thing.

Amberlee sort of fades into the background, getting into a discussion with some older man who doesn't look like he really belongs here, but clearly does.

Wilder looks over all the visitors and guests, Familiar faces and those of strangers. The oddity of it all, the rush of sights and sounds finally have the man drawing away towards the edge of the terrace. The tattooed man in the board shorts settling in to sit his drink and simply people watch for a few moments as he tries to gain his thoughts and hold on things a bit more.

Branton sets himself down with a party cup of beer and a plate of fancy finger foods as he looks over Jasen "Nope, no mold. Neat trick, so we gonna mingle or see if people come over to us?"

Morgan decides to ruin his lazy backstroke by pushing him under, as he probably did not expect that. She is clearly just trying to have fun, as she does not hardly have fun, and this is a different side of her, not many get to ever see. "Tag your it! No tag Backs!" She just laughs. She then splashes over towards Lilian too and smiles to River, because who can not see River and smile! "Come on you guys! Are you all afraid of the water?"

Lilian waves to Mitzi and her friend, before taking another drink, and nibbling on some more food. She looks very laid back tonight not seeming to care if her pants righ up showing her burn scars, or her shirt slips from her shoulders.

"What, you can't just yell?" Jasen asks up at Branton, craning his neck around and then shouting way over there, "HEY. NICE SHORTS." at Wilder. "Actually I kinda wish I could magic some wheels on this chair. Cause I *do* wanna. But I also don't wanna get up and limp all over the fuckin place. I just wanna.. wanna scoot."

Jasen adds, eyes all wide, "I could be a scoot dragon!"

Tony actually giggles as he listens to Jasen.

Lilian looks to Jason then the others, "Ok where is he hiding the acid?"

Alexander rises from the depths! .. of the shallow end of the pool.. to lean on the side and becon over anyone looking like they might want to jump in.

Denise holds her arms around herself, actually pretty nervous about this all. Her eyes dart around at everyone and appears to be feeling overwhelmed. She looks for a drink.

The comment called out to him has Wilder reaching back hooking a thumb into his board shorts, The side tugged down to reveal a new tattoo on his ass cheek of all places. The tattoo of all things showing Bob Ross giving a thumbs up with a series of happy little trees and birds wreathing the piece. The inked chef moving to take a sip of his drink before he is looking down beside him bringing his bottle out to meet with thin air apparently.

DENISE, Denise wins the first tackle hug as River wraps her arms around her neck and squeels Denise!" and gives her a kiss on both cheeks. She grins as she hugs her friend fiercly. She then grins and bounces over to Hug Mitzi next as she squeels her name as well, "MITZI!"

<FAE> And in the dreaming the glass comes to seem to near meet with a mug held by none other than Bub as comments are made about this ass or that.

Seth glances over to Morgan and shrugs. "Well, if Lyra had /told/ me this was gonna be a pool party, I would've come prepared. As it is..." He glances down at his street clothes (designer label, but still street) and shrugs.

Denise oofs at the hug from River, but it gives her a smile. "It is nice to see you too, River."

Branton grins and shrugs at Jasen "I'll add a pair of boots of hermes to your order or maybe a flight ring. Because recreational levitation is too fun not to have as an option. I'm sure we can make ourselves interesting enough though that people will come over to us, your shapechange trick makes a good starter on that as such things go."

Mitzi opens her arms, she managed to see River's tackle of Denise. She hugs her fiercely,"Hi, River. I didn't expect to see you here either." She laughs lightly. "How are you?"

Jasen tucks two fingers into his mouth and *tries* to wolf whistle at Wilder's half moon, but mostly just sorta sprays spit. "Aw shit, fucking scales." You did this to *yourself*, Jasen! "You know what, I totally saw a Bob Ross impersonator of *amazing* quality doing an eagle tattoo on a hot chick's ass once. It was maybe the most surreal thing ever, and I hang out with people like you." he tells Branton and just whoever the shit is in ear shot, doing a decent impression himself, "Just a happy little eagle on a happy little ass. And that's gonna be our little secret." He holds his stuff with one hand while gripping the seat and scoot scoot scooting towards the pool. "See? Making progress already."

Morgan looks over to Seth and shakes her head with a warm smile, "It is California, Seth, come on! You have to assume it is a pool party." She swims from the shallow end near Alex and jumps back up onto the side before carefully goving over to give River a nice wet hug too, and then to Lilian to give her a hug and just shakes her head at Wilder. She looks like she might be tempted to give Mitzi and Seth a hug too all nice and dripping wet hug. "It is good to see you again Seth. It has been to long my friend."

River grins to Mitz and says "Im good, its a party, I love parties." She reaches over, and pats Wilder on the new tattoo as she smiles sweetly. "Just setting the ink luv." She grins wickedly at him and winks "I have a salv that will help to take the pain away and heal that faster by the way." She then looks back to Mitzi and says "Im finer than frog fur. I took my last test for my RN stuff and I am officialy a Registered Nurse now!"

Lilian is hugged and wet now, with a laugh over how sheer gets when wet, "Good to see you too Morgan, and that is my booze." holding her cup out of the way, "Be careful and I have not found the pot or acid yet."

Branton snickers at Lilian "There's multiple alchemists present. It could be anywhere." Then he scoots along with Jasen "A happy little ass? Seriously? I suppose whatever gets their motor running."

Denise says to River, "Congratulations, River." She moves back further, just not sure about this all.

Mitzi kisses River's cheek,"Congratulations!! I'm happy you are a RN."

Alexander leans against the side of the pool, watching the mudflapper make his way toward water. "Welcome to California, and who needs to be able to turn lead into gold when every leaf and pill can be worth more than it's weight in it

Seth offers Morgan a passing smirk. "Okay, I admit I probably do attend too few parties and too many working lunches. --And yeah, congrats," he adds, offering a hand to River in turn. "Just watch out for those elevators, you know?"

Lilian looks to Branton, "Good point, then again maybe I do not need so many drugs. Lord knows what I might predict about Wilders happy little ass."

Jasen scootscoots, stopping for a minute to refill his energy meter with fancy nibbles. "Totally serious, it was weird as fuck." Snacks inserted, he scoots along some more. This is actually way more effort than walking, and there's chairs *over there* surely, but no, no he is taking THIS chair, and he's NOT getting up. Never underestimate the unlazy lengths someone will go to to be lazy, and never mind how little sense that makes. He hears the lead-to-gold bit and wonders at Alexander, "I've always kinda wanted to do that on a mass scale, which would be really terrible, but imagine those fucking water manes in older places. No more lead poisoning, at any rate. But it's all fun and games till someone loots the aquatructure, I guess."

Tony moves over to Alexander, wrapping his head up in his beach towel.

Alexander watches the scoot, scoot, scoot.. "But then they'd have to recall all those Clue games and replace all the references to 'lead pipes' with 'gold pipes'." Not about how much it weighs, or how soft it is mind you as he turns a little to give Tony better access to wrap his head up.

the words from Lilian has Wilder looking her way, "Ya really think you want to open that ball of what the fuck that is my head or well future be my guess.. But don't be surprised when your smoking like I do to keep the calm and good vibes."

Denise finds a place to sit, and observe for now. She's not sure what to say, or to whom.

Mitzi makes her way to Seth, she whispers something in his ear and waits to see what he says.

Branton chuckles and shrugs at the mention of transmuting pipes "Or we could be the cranky old folks explaining about the time before and all that jazz. Back when pipes were made of lead and good for dispensing beatings." Lilian gets a smirk "The beer I brought is clean of modification, its my favorite commercial beer."

Morgan grabs a few pieces of something to eat, because there is no way she is missing out on Wilder's cooking tonight, seeing the discomfort of Denise and walks over to her and sits beside her offering her something too. "It's okay not to know what to think..I am not sure a lot of us do." Her voice soft and reassuring to her.

Seth leans in and listens, then offers Mitzi a shrug. "Well, it has been a long week. Maybe a separate thing some time next week?"

Lilian looks about and moves to get more food pausing to go by Wilder and slap that newly tattooed cheek, lower cheek with a impish smile on her face.

Jasen never minds physics, science and other smart things either, "It'd probably somehow get on walls too and people would be instantly blinded by their own once-lead based paint." He shakes his head with a sigh over these little details. That devolves into a snort of laughter at Branton, the pierced up punk raising a beringed fist at imaginary kids on his imaginary lawn.

River also walks over to the Denise and squarly sits in her lap of course giving Morgan a big hug and a "MORGAN!" Also. She grins as she says "So tell me whatchya two been up to?

that new smack to his ass has Wilder giving a slight jump before he is sitting down not far from the gathering around Denise. The man leaning back in another lounger to lean his head back and just relax. the man seeming to enjoy the discussion of those around him as he settles into silence to sip his drink and relax at least for the moment.

Mitzi let's out a soft sigh and she nods. She heads over to where the food is and gets herself a plate. Then she moves past Morgan, Lilian and Denise, murmuring something quiet to them before heading to the jacuzzi. She takes off her shoes, and slips her feet in. She sits on the outer rim while she eats quietly. She watches everyone as she nibbles on food.

Denise looks to Morgan sympathically. "Thank you. Just so many new people, and I just do not know how I fit in with this." And then there is River again and she gives her a soft smile, letting Morgan talk.

Lilian sits near wilder to eat and drink some more. "Well this is interesting, never new there was so many of us about here." then looking over the girls, "I do hope to get to know many better here."

Denise's eyes widen a bit with the invitation from Mitzi. She quietly excuses herself from Morgan and River, and walks over the Jacuzzi and takes a seat near Mitzi.

Alexander pulls himself out of the water to sit at the side of the pool. "Amberlee has been good about networking, connecting people where they need to, arranging for goods and services to get where they need to go." He seems to answer both Lilian's comment about how many there are and where Denise 'fits in'.

River sticks her tongue out at Denise as she abandons her. "Jilted,.." She pauses. "You know I never get to use Jilted in a sentence, its a rather lovely word, astheticly speaking. Anyways Jilted by ma own friend." She seems to have a playful tone.

Morgan nods at Mitzi and joins her and Denise for a moment, but not without ruffling River hair first grinning at her, "You remind me of Tinkerbell, River and Congratulations too!"

After a moment and catching bits and pieces of discussion Wilder is glancing over towards Denise calling out to the woman on her way to join Mitzi, "Really gonna complain about my cooking for free?" A laugh slipping from the man as he looks to the woman before shrugging and laying his head back once more. A slow sip taken of his drink before he is sitting up and looking around for tony.

Branton nods at Alexander "Someone's got to. The mages got someone for that I'm sure but our sort slips between the cracks. Gotta say though the less a Magi notices me the happier I am. Even the ones I like."

Tony crouches down by Alex, listening to everyone talk, and feeds him a piece of meat off his plate. "She's been real good to me, got me a fancy computer that I can talk to."

River Walks over to the hottub, and well Simply strips down pulling off her shirt and pants till she is just in her panties and slides into the water. Yes shy is something River never will be it seems!

Mitzi talks quietly to the women at the jacuzzi. It appears to be a serious conversation.

"I've met a few, but I really only know two, and one's a jackass." Jasen says while finishing off his snacks and setting the plate... somewhere. Lizard Guy slouches comfortably and works on his glass of purple while searching around for a cigarette and lighting it.

Seth doesn't strip down, nor does he casually get his clothes soaked, but he does at least slip his shoes off and dangle his legs into the warm water.

Alexander eats the meat as it's offered, nodding to Branton, contemplating joining the ladies at the hot tub.. but as seriously as they're talking he chooses to not interupt. "I can't say as I've met any yet myself. We just got into town" with we fairly obviously being himself and Antonio "and fell into Amberlee's lap, or tatas, first thing. Fate, providence, good luck.. whatever you want to call it. It's a relationship that is shaping up well."

Wilder slowly raises up and moves over to near where Seth is looking the man over a few moments perhaps a bit more closely than is comfortable before he turns and heads for the house. The man calling out, "Got a suit coming your way, No sense being the only one not getting in." The man vanising into the house without another word spoken.

Denise dips her fingers in the water a little, feeling it for a moment and listens to the others.

Tony looks over to the tub, then nibbles a bit off the plate before he places it on the table not far from Alex if he wants more food. He wanders over closer to the group, listening to them.

Branton grins at Jasen, apparently thinking he knows who he's talking about "Yeah, fuck that guy. Needs to get over himself." Then to Alexander "I wouldn't tempt fate then. If you need one sometime Amberlee can put you in touch with one that isn't a total shitstain."

Wilder comes back out of the house holding up in his right hand a bananna hammock style swimsuit as well as of all things a gold speedo very RHPS in nature. The Inked chef with little or really no shame at all moving for the hot tub tossing the suits down on the edge near seth

"I've been talked at a bit about the whole, like, awakening thing." Jasen musses while smoking and drinking, Cali breeze carrying his carcinogens out and away, "I dunno though. Seems um.. Maybe like a hassle, I guess. I mean I've seen Aladin, the Genie didn't seem always so thrilled with ultimate cosmic power any more than he was with iiiiitty bitty living space."

Seth eyes the suits, wordlessly, then reaches a hand out toward them-- and they scoot /further/ away. Not right away, and not particularly smoothly, but they do.

Morgan smiles at Seth and shakes her head, "I wouldn't either." She does sink further down into the hot tub so just her head is sticking up above the water, her thoughts wandering.

Alexander stands beside the pool, holding his arms out.

Tony wraps the beach towel around Alexander, making a sound between a giggle and a laugh as he poses there, dripping water.

River says, "Awakening is highly over rated. I do it from time to time, but in the end my avatar never seems to stay active.""

Branton nods and shrugs at River "Not a peep from mine if I even have one. I've got my psychic talents and my sorcerery, they get me into plenty enough trouble. Them and my flexible relationship with mundane law." Then he nods at Jasen "Paradox just ain't worth it."

Tony looks to Branton, and asks curiously, "What exactly /is/ Paradox? I heard it mentioned a few times now."

River pulls out a small ceramic jar from her clothes and rubs a bit onto her finger toips. She seems to be talking more quietly with Mitzi and Seth, well the whole hottub crew. Anyone that can sense such thing (diff 7) the jar has traces of magic about it.

"Probably not, I pay for my magic enough as it is." Jasen agrees with a nod and a sip of purple. "I couldn't even handle the psychic shit, I'm sincerely glad I never fell into that. It seems like it'd be horrible."

Alexander is just about to head over to get more food when a golden cat with a manelike fluff of hair (that can be seen first by the spiritually aware, and then by others as it pops out from some of the folliage) takes a seat, blocking Alex's progress and commincating /something/ with Tony and Alex. It's a something that gets a dark look and a huff as he sets both towels aside. "We are apparently due for some gate crashers interested in he number of vehicles and sounds of a party. I will.. dissuade them from interupting."

Denise hears Jasen speaking and turns her head and nods at that before looking back to whatever River is offering.

The act ofthose suits pushed away and the seemingly privacy and grouping within the tub has Wilder shrugging, the man moving over to take the suits up glancing back to the group before his head just shakes and he starts off towards the bar area on the opposite side of the pool.

Amberlee had to deal with a quick.. or not so quick phone call. She comes back out, still wearing her one piece, but the wrap is gone, and so are the flip flops. Delicate little pink toesies, she has. She skims the room, watching Alex leave, then skims some more as she moves in Wilder's direction

Tony nods to Alex, watching as Cleo chooses to take off after the big blonde. "Nosy girl..." he mutters, and then giggles.

Branton grins at Tony "Well Paradox is the consequence of a mage pushing reality too far. When they make something happen the less likely it is to have happened naturally the harder it is to make happen and the more Reality pushes back." Jasen gets a nod "My sorcery works fine, though slower. My Pyrokinesis though, anger headaches."

Morgan pushes herself back up onto the side of the hottub, letting them experience what some of them see all the time, and stands up dripping wet to get a drink, doing so very quietly.

Seth glances from Mitzi to River and back again, arching a brow. Before he gets as far as saying anything, though, he looks after Alexander and waves a hand. "Hey, lemme know if you need any backup with that," he calls out.

The boy listens intently to Branton, cocking his head a bit to the side and nodding, "Kinda like reality gives you a slap across tha face if you try to play too much like a god or somethin', right? I heard some of 'em can really do stuff like they done in Harry Potter, with that time turner."

Wilder gives a small finger wave at Amberlee before he is slipping behind the bar to take down a bottle of older bourbon. The man pouring himself a rather tall glass of the drink before taking the first pull and then another as he looks out over the pool.

Amberlee slips around with Wilder, leaning against him shoulder to shoulder while she talks quietly to him, reaching out to pour some of his drink into a glass for herself as well.

Denise sits quietly, watching the reactions from the others at the hot tub.

Morgan offers an apology to Amberlee as she gets ready to leave, looking rather tired herself, "I wish I could stay longer Amberlee but I really need to head home. Thank you as well Wilder for wonderfully cooked food too!" She slips her shoes back on and wraps the towel around her waist.

"I just bleed. Like, everywhere. Or something.." Jasen says, looking thoughtful for a minute, "That's good to know though, I've never actually discussed that with another person, and I admit to wondering if I might be doing it wrong. But it sounds like I'm fine!" Looking to Tony, he says, "I read the Harry Potter books out loud to my better half, and they're totally inspiring. I have that friggin luck potion brewing and everything."

Amberlee nods to Morgan, giving her a smile. "Do you need an Uber or are you good to go?" She gives the girl a CAREFUL looking over, and having been out of the room for a bit, hasn't been able to keep track of people's drinking.

Wilder leans back against Amberlee and offers a small smile to the woman, Theglass raised a few moments later to Morgan in salute. "Drive safe, and well see you soon Morgan." The man then leans in to murmur to Amberlee as he shrugs.

Morgan offers softly, "No I didn't drink at all, bad things happen when I do. And I can make it home, it's okay. There is no need to worry." She offers reassuringly.

Denise waves to Morgan. "Nice to meet you."

Amberlee nods to Morgan, giving her a smile. "Alright. Have a nice night. Thanks for coming."

Wilder stands at the bar watching as Morgan leaves as he talks quietly to Amberlee, A glance given back towards the hot tub as he shakes his head only to look back to her after another slower more longer sip of his bourbon the man clearly attempting to see just how much he could drink and in how short a time.

Tony grins at Jasen, "Luck potion? That sounds cool, ain't seen anybody do one of them. I'm trying to remember everything I hear, so I can remember it later, but gets kinda hard sometimes. Most of my stuff is strictly herb related, at least for now. Hoping to meet up with someone that would be willing to teach me more."

Mitzi looks around after some gel has been placed on her forehead. She looks around with a new kind of wonder. She doesn't say anyting, but she nods to what River says.

"I'll teach, if you want." Jasen offers, "I'm not *entirely* sure if you wanna learn from me though. I mean I'm not terrible, only just getting out of theoretical and into practical, but like I said, it involves a lot of bleeding the way I do things."

Branton chuckles at Tony "I have a greenhouse with some Alaskan Thunderfuck growing in it but that's about as planty as I get. And the only potion I can make is liquid Mana. Which is handy for me because some of my travel spells are super resource intensive."

Tony shrugs his thin shoulders, "I don't mind a little pain, but mine is more in my head... but I do hafta add some blood, sweat, 'n even pee sometimes in some things," he looks over at Wilder, then leans closer to Jasen and asks, "I was just wonderin'... ever hear of someone makin' up something that would let folks breath under water, like that gillyweed done in the movie?

"Potion of Waterbreathing!" announces Jasen like a total fucking D&D nerd, which he is. "I haven't made that yet but it's totally on my list. Or you can just learn to make yourself some gills. Course, then you have to breathe the shit that's in the water, so.. I mean there's that."

River looks over and ask "Why breath at all? I mean lots of animals can go without breathing for extended periods of time."

Wilder remains at the bar away from the hot tub crowd and the growing discussion around them, The man seeming to be in his own little world as he just stares off into space occasionally giving a look to Seth that looks less than pleased. It only lasts a few minutes though before the inked man is turning and begins to wander towards the house snatching up the bottle of bourbon to bring it with him and the 1/4 filled glass in his other hand.

Branton ponders River's input and snaps his fingers as he figures something out and says to Jasen "Ring of Sustanance? What god would I even pettion for that one...."

Mitzi moves her feet out of the water. She slips her feet into her shoes. She smiles when Seth stretches his arms, and she kisses his cheek, "Walk with me?" She looks around at everyone, "Thank you for the meeting everyone."

Seth rises to his feet and nods to Mitzi. "Yeah, sure thing. Good meeting you," he adds, waving to the group as a whole.

Denise waves to Mitzi and Seth. "Night."

Wilder's right hand with his glass lifts to wave goodbye to Mitzi before a single finger is very pointedly lifted and waved towards Seth as a little fuck you to the suit wearing man before Wilder himself is heading into the house shutting the door rather un-wilder like to vanish inside.

"Well, I kinda got used to breathin'," Tony tells River in a light tone. He looks back at Jasen then, and nods, "Yeah, somethin' like that. My list is all in my head, 'n it keeps gettin' longer. Be glad when I can learn all the languages 'n such, 'n look in all them books 'n learn even more stuff."

River says, "Well i go swimming all the time in what I call a merwoman form. But yea hitting a underwater cloud of methan sucks."

"No idea!" Jasen helpfully answers Branton with a grin, "I know fuckall about gods, I'm really only aquatinted with two. "Shapeshifting's a lot less messy, lots of personal benefits if no one's lookin. More obvious, but quicker acting."

Denise hmms. Looks like quite a few have left. She gets up from the jacuzzi, letting River soak for abit. She looks at the others remaining, and wanders closer to them.

Tony nods, "Some of the water around here ain't too clean, 'n I've been learning a lot more about... /cleanings/ and such lately, how important they are." He looks at Branton again curiously, "Is all your stuff tied to gods?" The boy states quietly, "I'd like to learn how to shapeshift."

Branton chuckles and shrugs "Sort of. Not like you'd think most times. The Greek goods were dicks mostly but I see spirits that if I pettion them in the name of the correct god or titan then they'll teach me a new enchantment formula or even help me with my other sorcery. Like if my Library wasn't getting the job done and I really wanted to learn how to shapeshift I'd go down to the beach and pettion one of the spirits of the sea 'Child of Proteus I come to bargain' except in classical greek and accompanied by some kind of offering. Less about faith and more about doing business."

Amberlee watches as Wilder up and moves inside and she sighs, then goes to look for Tony. There he is. She wanders up behind him and leans her chin on his shoulder, peeking over at Branton and giving him a little wave from between Tony's arm and body. "Hey. My party turned out pretty good, don't you think?"

Tony listens to Brandon, grinning, but the grin fades abit as he starts talking about classical Greek, but his eyes stay bright. He could learn that too maybe! "That must be really cool, talkin' to spirits. Know several now that kin. I just know Cleo, and that ain't the same thing." He giggles at Amberlee, dropping his head back against her ample cushions, "Yeah, you give a great party, everybody enjoyed themselves. Well..." he glances at the house, "Almost everybody that is."

Amberlee grins at Tony and leans up to scritch him on the head and then lifts her voice just a little bit when there's a pause in the current conversation. "So.. I'm also thinking about starting up a cabal... like under the big chantry. The one that Eloise and Phil and Gwydion run. Something pretty much just for us."

River slides out of the hottub now thats shes all nice and prume footed. She takes a moment to dry, and dresses right there by the hottub.

Jasen is all covered in scales and still enjoying all that soaked in sunlight, "Yeah, surprisingly awesome. Not that I know you or whether your parties generally rock or suck, but I gotta admit, I was anticipating a lot more drinking alone in the corner and talking to bricks. So, this cabal thinger. ...What's the thinger."

Out of the house comes Wilder, the inked man still looking upset as he glances over the place only to head over to a lounger tugging along with him his guitar and a pair of headphones to plug into the small jack on the accoustic/electric bass.

River walks over to the group and finds a seat as she takes a moment to grab a beer.

Amberlee winks at Jasen. "My parties are AMAZING. Uber on standby, full bar, all the food you could want, good company, usually there's crash space for those who can't get out of here safely either way, neighbors properly bribed for not calling the cops." She scritches Tony lightly on the head as she talks, watching Wilder make his way back out as she does so. "A cabal is a group of like-minded individuals. Similar goals, which could be anything from battling the bad guys to just teaching noobs. A chantry is the overarching ... " SHe pauses, frowns, thinking. "You have a chantry with several cabals under it. Some of them are JUST mages, some of them are a mix, some of them are JUST ... I don't know.. just telepaths, or JUST kinetics. Whatever. Sometimes people throw in together just because they don't fit a solid niche, too."

Branton nods at Amberlee "Nomially I'm in Phil's cabal but most days I don't think he remembers I exist until he needs something. Which generally suits me but there isn't much to that membership then so I'm into alternatives."

Tony looks to Amberlee, waiting for her to continue, and considers moving to get some smoke, but for the moment just stays put, especially after Wilder comes back outside. His eyes move between the two then, but nods to her at her words, "I sure would like to add my name to that 'cabal' you're talkin' about, even if it meant I would be one of the 'noobs'. I can learn fast, done proved that to you."

"Chantry equals Hogwarts, Cabals equal Houses. Got it." Jasen says with a nod. Bit of an over simplification there, but blame it on Tony, he's the one that mentioned Harry Potter earlier, and NOW look what you did! "Yeah I could do that I guess."

"That works," Amberlee says to Jasen. Branton gets a nod and a grin. "Good. Then you can get me in with the pretty people at the top." And then to Tony, she smooches him on the head. "I'd drag you kicking and screaming, Tony, even if you didn't want to." Because that's HER Tony. THAT's why. Jasen gets more words! "Something to think about anyway. First, we'd have to figure out what our goal was, or if we just want to be a ragtag bunch of whatevers... which is fine with me, by the way."

Denise nods. "I could use something like that. I'm in a chantry now, but a couple of the members tend to be MIA most of the time."

Wilder gives a brief glance to the others as they sit around drinking and talking of magic and cabals and hogwarts. The inked man's eyes slowly falling closed as he begins to play the bass guitar letting the sound filter through the head phones plugged into the jack near the shoulder strap for the instrument. The man trying to find a bit of peace before trying to rejoin the others.

"Mostly, I just concern myself with family and being weird." Jasen says, "Total bibliophile. Probably I've got plenty of potential for stuff, I just haven't exactly tapped into it at all. I'm only just finally getting into making things instead of just reading about it."

Branton nods and shrugs at Amberlee "I don't have particular amounts of pull with em but I can be pretty sure they'll take my phone calls and listen when I vouch for someone. So that's something at least. As for a goal? I am the worst person to ask about that, I'm terribly bad at giving a shit except occasional getting obsessed with projects."

Amberlee nods to Jasen, watching Wilder play for a moment while Branton talks, then she offers up to the room in general. "Well, how about this? How about those interested meet back here.. maybe Sunday? Afternoon. Daytime. I'll have something catered so Wilder can join us and not have to spend the whole time cooking. We can throw around some ideas. Sound good?"

Jasen offers a high five at Branton. He gets that sentiment real good.

"My only goal right now is learnin'," Tony states, "and findin' out where I fit best." He giggles a bit more at Branton. "I know how that is. I'm a dancer too, 'n I kin get as obsessed with a routine as I kin when I'm trying to get something to work right in the workshop."

Tony seems to lean into those scritches, and attempt to stop from being too obscene with wiggling, especially with where his head is now nuzzled up.

Denise nods, "I'll try to make it, but not sure what my schedule is. If I cannot, I'll let you know and maybe catch up with you Monday?"

Amberlee nods. "I'll make a video. Anyone who can't be here physically could Skype in, too. Or Facetime or whatever works for them."

Branton meets Jasen's offered high five "Nerd power." Then he nods at Amberlee "Suits me. I've been meaning to get out more."

"I'll be here," Tony tells Amberlee, "Unless you run me off."

Oblivious to the conversation Wilder's eyes closed not knowing he was being outsourced by the tattooed Satyr. The man's fingers working along the strings of the guitar along the neck with his left hand as his right guides a pick down over them along the base of the bass. The man seeming to be loosing himself to the music being played through the headset worn at his fingers guidance.

"Sure, sounds good." Jasen says, "I've got work, but my schedules are retarded anyhow. Graveyard janitor shift's the only one that's less flexible, I can work out time at the club easily enough though."

Amberlee shakes her head, giving Tony another little scritch and then just messing up his pretty hair with her fingers. "Nope. You'll be here." She looks around to the rest of the room. "So! Sunday afternoon? About.. four-ish? Snacks and canapes and more booze and we'll all get comfy and figure out what we want, want we need as individuals and as a group, what we already have to offer, gaps that we could work on filling. That sort of thing." She's still watching Wilder, though not constantly.

Denise nods. "Sounds like a plan."

Branton nods at Amberlee as he levers himself to his feet "We'll be back with bells on." Looking to Jasen "We bounce." and then he nods back around the house the way they came.

Jasen nods to Branton and gets his ass up for the first time since arriving. With a little shudder, he gets rid of his scales before following Branton out. ...And also getting this big huge plate of stuff to bring back home. He's got like five bazillion mouths to feed.

"See ya Sunday!" Tony tells Branton and Jasen as they leave, then gets up himself and moves to the table to get his lighter.