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Well-behaved women seldom make history...

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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Changeling Beautiful, wonderful people. Some of you have a bit darker sense of humor than I'd like, but, you're in every major culture I've dug up. Don't eat my dreams, I NEED them.
Mage Ahhhh, my Sisters and Brothers. I care not who you study under, we're all in this together, and I'll do what I can to see that we all make it.
Mortal You Sleep. You Dream. If only you would Awaken, oh, the wondrous things I could show you..
Werewolf No, I absolutely do not know anything about the Garou Nation. This is not the caern-raping Mage you are looking for, carry on, soldier.
Wraith Second thought -- inquiring minds REALLY DO NOT want to know.
Vampre Do I know about you? More than you all ever wanted me to know.
Demon.png If only there were those among you I could trust. I always thought the idea of Fallen Angels, ones who chose right, who chose humanity, in the face of a sadistic, absentee landlord, were quite noble.

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RP Hooks
True Love: This isn't a plot-hook, it's a blatant disclosure. Most things will be sanity-checked against her better half.

Science: Do you love technobabble? Do you love to technobabble? Look me up.

Space: Adora's on a mission. Does space intrigue you as much as it intrigues her?

Archaeology: Adora has been to many fantastical places across the globe, and beyond... and many places she shouldn't have been, in this layer or reality and others. Her doctorate is in Archaeology.

Tinkerer: Is it in any way mechanical? She's obsessed with it. From giant robots of doom, to restoring old cars, Adora's passion for mechanical things is second only to her obsession over space.

Vampires: Oddly knowledgeable about vampires, and Camarilla etiquette. Quite a few mages know she knows, but the better question is how come she knows, and what will she use that for?

Sensationalist and Curious: Horrible, horrible flaws to pair. It means, for any reason under the sun, she could be anywhere in Prospect, doing just about anything she wants, regardless of socioeconomic assumptions standing or sphere. Because, you know, why not? (EDIT: Adora still possesses these lovely personality quirks, but I am no longer slave to the dice.)

Filthy Rich: The Goldhart family has homes around the world. Heiress to her parent's fortune, and her own, the darling blonde doesn't need to work. Got a project? Maybe you need backing? Adora will hear you out.

Prospect Native: Her family's home is somewhere around Prospect. No one can quite seem to remember where, but they assuredly know Dr. Goldhart lives around, somewhere, and so did her father.

Mage: Her father was a well-known Etherite. Her father's best friend, the Professor, her mentor, also a Sons of Ether. She grew up not experiencing a normal Sleeper's life.

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Properties and Pretty Things
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Adora Goldhart

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Name: Adora Goldhart

Birthdate, Age: September 15, 1989. 29

Apparent Age: 19-20ish, maaaaybe 21.

Occupation: R&D Specialist, SpaceX

Height: 5'4"

Weight: >:/

Hair: Natural blonde, curly

Eyes: Blue-green

Demeanor: Visionary

Tradition: Sons of Ether

Resonance: Quick

Essence: Dynamic

Hobbies: SCIENCE! ... what do you mean that's a job?

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Played By: Scarlett Johansson