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"The successful revolutionary is a statesman, the unsuccessful one a criminal."
-Erich Fromm


Autarkis do not have ranks. They have abandoned the political games of the sects for myriad reasons, and work together only when those reasons coincide. That said, there are certain levels of status that autarkis unofficially track. The level of independence is one. For those that voluntarily forsook the shackles of the Sabbat or Camarilla, acknowledging their authority or asking for their protection is a sign of weakness. Additionally, stability is prized among the autarkis, those who can claim a domain and hold it in the face of opposition are admired for their strength, though the difficulty of such a task naturally engenders suspicion as well.

An Autarkis is an individual without a sect. Since most clans are a combination of cultural, political, and hereditary ties, to be labeled Autarkis, thus not belonging to the sect of the clans, may entail being labeled a Caitiff, but not necessarily. Becoming an autarkis does not change the blood of the Kindred, but severs the social political ties with the clan proper.

There are no laws that govern the destruction of vampires outside your own sect. After forsaking allegiance to either the Camarilla or Sabbat there are few that an autarkis vampire can turn to if they find themselves threatened. Accepting the protection of the Prince or conceding the authority of the Sabbat will undermine your status as autarkis, after all, you gave all that up to become independent. There's a certain amount of freedom that comes with being Autarkis, but it is usually a short-lived freedom.

Being an autarkis does not always spell certain death. Those that survive long enough to reestablish themselves without the protection of a sect must strike the balance between serving or resisting the political forces that swirl around them. This balancing act is called the Danse Périlleux, a dance of death on a razor's edge where a wrong step or even staying still too long, can spell your destruction.

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