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Sorcerer and Psychic



Rules and Systems




Ghouls are created when a vampire feeds vitae to a living creature. They are unaging and can learn vampiric disciplines, but addicted to vitae and subject to frenzy.

Types of ghouls:

  • Vassals serving a single vampire
  • Independents trading favors for vitae
  • Revenants created by the Tzimisce and generating their own weak vitae


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Kinfolk are humans and wolves related to the Garou. (The other Changing Breeds work similarly.)

While kinfolk have no rank, they are needed as parents of future Garou, as well as social go-betweens in situations where a Garou's Rage would be too great a liability.


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"For the last time, I got sick and tired of hearing about 'hedge magic.' Hearing that particularly stupid phrase just makes me think of enchantments for clipping ornamental shrubbery. Magic is magic. If it will help you to understand better, think of the universe as an old dog. You try to teach it new tricks, and so, it tries to bite you now and then. I am trying to get it to do tricks it already knows, which may take longer sometimes, but at least the old girl seems happy to roll over, fetch or play dead without ripping my arm off. Think I am limiting myself? Well, this universe of ours is an awfully old dog, and she's got a list of tricks we may never exhaust."
-Hurai the Acolyte

Where mages are those phenomenal individuals who've awakened to the power to change reality, Sorcerers and Psychics are those who have discovered a more limited path to power. Though they may be more limited and perhaps not as flexible as a mage, they are still nothing to scoff at. Sorcerers and Psychics are just as much dwellers in the occult world as any mage. A Sorcerer or Psychic leads a sort of half-awakened life, right on the cusp of the magical world but without the breadth and flexibility of a fully awakened mage. Grasping at the mythic threads held in legend and history, some resurrect ancient magics from ages long past. Others push themselves to extraordinary understanding of science or spirituality and develop the capacity to exceed normal people in phenomenal ways.

Calling a Sorcerer or Psychic 'limited' is hardly correct. They have far more wisdom, and far more concomitant peril, than most mundane humans. While awakened mages are the trailblazers who forge new ways, the Sorcerers and Psychics are those humans who dare to walk those paths opened by the awakened instead of complacently waiting for the world to come to them. Here in the city of Prospect, both Sorcerers and Psychics have the possibility to make a name for themselves and carve out a piece of the pie just like any other that Prospect has to offer. Which path you choose from here may open up a variety of different outcomes; each with its own fascinating as well as possibly dangerous prospects. Where will the Golden State take you?


Kinain are humans who are related to changelings and share some of their characteristics.

House rules allow kinain to learn the same arts and realms as changelings.


Possessed are those who have been possessed and transformed by a spirit.

Types of possessed:

  • Fomori, servants of the Wyrm
  • Drones, servants of the Weaver
  • Gorgons, servants of the Wyld
  • Kami, servants of Gaia