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This category is a roster of potential PCs that someone built, not to play themselves, but in hopes that someone else may go "ooh that one sounds cool" and then they apply to become the player of that PC. Or they played the PC briefly and decided not to continue. This serves a couple of purposes:

  • Some players would like to RP, but have trouble getting over the hump of picking concepts and/or stats.
  • Other players like to build PCs, but only have time/energy/interest in playing certain ones. Or they want to offer an extra incentive for someone to play their family member / backstory contact / whatever.

Instructions for builders of roster PCs

The PC doesn't have to be 100 percent complete, just get it in the ballpark.

The PC can have a specific name, or it can just be a generic template:

  • College Student
  • Gang Member
  • Kinfolk Small Business Owner

Ideally, don't actually create the PC on the game. (Softcode has problems if the database contains too many players.)

  • Instead, just write out the commands you would use (+qstart, +selfstat / +bulkstat, +note, etc.)
  • If you want to create the PC on the game (so you can use +sheettally / +abilitypoints to check your math):
    • Keep a log of the commands that you used.
    • When done, +request that the PC be flagged for purging.

Finally, create a wiki page with [[Category:Roster PCs]] somewhere in the source code. Include the setup commands, as well as the usual stuff that you include on a PC page.

If you already played the PC, just submit a +request. Staff can use @decompile and +notes/all and +rosterize to pull your data.

Instructions for prospective players of roster PCs

Roster PCs are not guaranteed to be approved, but most builders should have a good sense of what would be okay.

Create a new PC with the desired name.

Run whatever commands were written out on the wiki.

  • You can make adjustments if you want, but if there are ties to any existing PCs, then check with them first.

When done, +approveme and staff will process the app as usual.

Once you're approved:

  • If the PC had a specific name ahead of time and you stuck with it, then edit their wiki page as follows:
    • Change [[Category:Roster PCs]] to [[Category:Active PCs]]
    • Remove the setup commands.
  • If the PC was a generic template, then leave their wiki page unchanged.