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“Learn to love yourself, and you will find a romance that will last a lifetime.”

– An Ideal Husband


xxxxxDesmond Du'Apugnone is -famous- and -rich-. His family is a nice mixture of the Hiltons and the British Royals when it comes to money and fame. The fortune dates back to the 16th Century, but has grown and grown over the centuries. In the 20th Century they married into the Rockefellers, and then just kept going. They're known for having homes all over the world, and having a very debauched, jet-setting lifestyle. Various Du'Apugnones have married politicians, celebrities, whatever. They have movie deals, album deals, etc.

Desmond himself has appeared on the cover of everything from Teen Beat, to GQ, to Forbes, and he even had a spread in Playgirl. He's known for an extremely wild lifestyle. Tabloids seem to -love- him. After a scandalous affair with a young and very popular singer, her husband filed a restraining order against him. he was banned from the Cannes Film Festival after punching Oliver Stone over a drunken argument. In 2002 he had the lead role in a big budget horror movie, which has gained a bit of a cult following. Mainstream critics panned it, of course.

Why is he here? Well, after another recent scandal involving having drugs brought into the Celeb Rehab Clinic he was in in Los Angeles, his family decided to tuck him away somewhere small and safe for the unforeseen future. They bought an old house in Prospect and completely refurbished it, and then basically exiled him here. This is his Elba...not that Desmond would catch the reference.

RP Hooks
  • Fame! : Desmond is a famous man, what with his family and everything else he’s done. Are you a member of his fan club? Or his hate club? Did you love or hate his movie? Want to punch him in the famous and tell him he’s everything that is wrong with society, or worship the ground he walks on? Even neither will get his attention!!
  • Money : To say Desmond is wealthy is putting it lightly. Want him to invest in something? Need to borrow some scratch? Looking for a mark to con or rob? Tempest is your man!
  • Debauchery : Desmond is well-known for his appetites. Want to join? Cocaine and Hooker party? Blackjack and Absinthe? Smoke and a Pancake?
  • Slaughter At Crater Lake : His movie came out in 2002. It had a huge budget, a cast of big actors, and a well known horror director. It was, however, universally panned by critics, and scored terribly low on However, it has a very large cult following who love the cheesy dialogue, gratuitous nude and sex scenes, and the fact that Desmond plays Jean-Paul Le Croix, the wealthy, sociopathic rich boy who's hunting the nubile teens for sport. If censored for television, the two hour movie would be cut down to about twenty five minutes. In the end he was stabbed, shot, set on fire and kicked into a wood chipper. There are talks of his return in a sequel.
  • Fallen : He is Fallen, and will rise again.

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Desmond Du’Apugnone
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1986
Apparent Age: 24
Occupation: Wealthy and Famous Troublemaker
House: Defiler
Faction: Faustian


Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

You can dance if you want to.
You can leave your friends behind.
Because your friends don't dance.
And if they don't dance,
Then they ain't no friends of mine.
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